Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Explanation

Well, hi to you all! This is a very quick post to thank those of you who have asked after us, and to explain my absence.

Charlie has been ill for over four weeks. He has had various high temperatures, including one of over 104 (40C). He has had conjunctivitis and a bad cold, with a very nasty cough. And two days ago he went down with some kind of sickness bug. He has had a few days in between these illnesses, but not many. We have also been a bit ill, with a really rubbish virus, which had me in bed with a high temperature last week. I'm half recovered from that, but as I type, Nick is throwing up, upstairs. He got the sickness bug this evening. Great! So, now I'm waiting to catch The Bug as well. There's something eerie about just waiting for it!

Usually we have had quite healthful winters. I just don't know what has happened. It's not as though we live on fastfood etc. Must go now, to check on Charlie and see how Nick is.

I will check in again soon. Hope you are all keeping well.