Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Currently in Progress

I haven't mentioned Shedir lately, as I haven't spent any sizeable chunks of time working on it. I find I really have to concentrate on what I'm doing, otherwise it all goes wrong. For some reason cables have this effect on me, where lace doesn't (not to the same extent, at least). So I've been knitting a row here and there and have now done the first few rows of the second repeat. What makes it worthwhile for me is seeing the pattern emerging - otherwise I might not bother with what I find to be quite hard work. I'm using Felted Tweed for Shedir, and it's pleasant, but not one of my favourites. Thing is, I can't say why. I like the way it looks, more than the way it feels to knit with. Having said that, I like the way it feels once knitted. Weird.

I'm also still working on the second of Nick's socks, which I started back in April last year. The fact that each sock has 90sts isn't a good enough reason for this delay. I just got bored. The slipped-stitch-rib pattern isn't interesting enough to keep me, well, interested. On the other hand, I have to look at it whilst knitting, so it's not exactly mindless knitting.

I've resurrected the Edwardian Lace Stole as a wip in the last week or so. You may remember I started this back in August and, having completed one half, just stopped. Again, I think I became bored with the same old stitch pattern. Anyway, when I picked it up again I immediately liked the feel of the Kidsilk Haze with the bamboo addis, and wondered why I'd left it for so long. I mean, I can knit this pattern while Charles chatters away, or the TV is on. Now, there are only three more repeats to knit, plus the top edge. Don't hold your breath, though. You know it could still take me a few months.

I want to knit a little hat for Charles, from the Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitting Without Tears. It's the snail hat and I need a yarn that can do approx 7-8 sts to three inches. Cripes! That's big. Anyone know of anything nice I could use (wool - something natural)?

Before I go, thanks for all your comments on my Forecast. I'm enjoying wearing it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

On Not Having Enough (Yarn)

Here is my latest Forecast, knitted with eight balls of Debbie Bliss Felted Tweed (I think), on the needle sizes recommended in the pattern. My first Forecast was knitted in Cascade 220, which is very soft and springy, compared to the Felted Tweed, which is much rougher and stiffer. I actually prefer the stiffness of the Felted Tweed for Forecast - it makes quite a robust fabric and the ribbing on the cardi is more flattering in the Tweed, as it holds everything in slightly! Heaven knows what will happen when it's washed (I haven't blocked it). Anyway, half way through the first sleeve, I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn. It was pretty easy to suss this out, as I'd had two balls left with which to do both sleeves, and as I'd got through three-quarters of one ball before the first sleeve was half done, it was safe to assume I wouldn't have enough for two long sleeves. That is why I knitted them to just above the elbow. Having done that I realised the shape needed balancing out, by adding more "weight" at the edges, hence the frills. So, on to the button bands - again I didn't have enough yarn and decided that the cardi would look quite cool with buttons on the lower half only - and that's what I did. It was so quick to knit such a tiny button band, and very rewarding when I saw how much I liked the result. I think this is my favourite knitted item. By the way, I'm wearing my sunglasses because I looked pretty frightful without them.

The neck warmer I'm wearing in the photo is knitted on 7mm needles, from one ball of Sirdar Vegas (which is representative of the type of yarn available where I live - you know what I mean?) Anyway, I was suffering from yarn deprivation when I bought it. I intended to knit a scarf but didn't have enough. That's why it turned into a neck warmer (I sewed the two ends together). Putting prejudices aside - I really like it and will probably make another in a different colour. Where so many knitters dislike the boredom that results from knitting the same thing twice, I seem to like the known territory. I must be so boring.

ADDED LATER...........Sorry everyone - it's Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed, not Felted Tweed, (what a donkey I am). £1.77 a ball from Jannette.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Baby Cable Rib

I started these socks on Saturday and finshed them on Thursday. Usually it takes me ages to knit a pair of socks, especially if they're not just plain stocking stitch, so I'm really pleased. The baby cable rib pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks - a very useful book - and is on 56sts and 2.5mm needles. The yarn is Opal 4-ply.

I have actually finished Nick's sock, which I started last April. I've just cast-on 90sts for the other sock. So now I can look forward to loads and loads of 3 x 3 slipped-stitch ribbing. It's okay though, as I'm finding that these days I'm content to sit and knit and don't really mind what it is (if it's my "mindless" project of the moment). I used 47g out of 100g for the first sock so I'm hoping I'll have enough for the second. I should have, as I have 6g to play with and that's quite a lot, I suppose. But then, you know what my tension is like, so it may be a bit hair-raising towards the end.

My hair is dark brown again, by the way. Now I can wear my funky/odd clothes again without it all being too much.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Six Weird Things

I have been tagged by
Kathryn (before Xmas!), Forbidden Knitter and Cherry, to list six weird things about myself. This was difficult as, although I sometimes think I'm weird, I couldn't think of why! I still can't, so I've just grabbed six out of the air:

I have to put tins, packets, spoons (everything, in fact) up the right way, even on the conveyor belt when shopping. Packets and tins absolutely must be opened at the top. I don't know what might happen if I forgot one day. I could never forget, so it's not an issue.

I am the worst (best?) hypochondriac I know, except for most members of my family. I am thinking of getting "help" as it's taking over my life again. This is not a good weird thing. It is very bad.

I absolutely cannot be too restricted (eg, someone pinning me down, in fun). I was once wrapped in a carpet as a child (by other children) and have never forgotten the feeling of claustrophobia, even though they kindly left my head poking out. I go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY if anyone attempts to hold me down, even if it's just my hands.

Like Cherry I often throw an impromptu disco for myself and Charlie, or on my own. I can get into quite a euphoric state dancing to cheesy tunes (even Cliff Richard.....). If you've never tried it, do. You might surprise yourself.

I don't answer the phone. I like to be able to choose who I speak with, and when. You can imagine how much I detest my door-bell ringing.

I eat strange combinations of foods. I don't mind if they don't go together, as long as I like each food. I went through a phase of having tuna and sprouts every day. I love sprouts and still eat them several times a week, as a snack.

Well, that's six. I could do a few more but wouldn't wish to bore your pants off.