Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Currently in Progress

I haven't mentioned Shedir lately, as I haven't spent any sizeable chunks of time working on it. I find I really have to concentrate on what I'm doing, otherwise it all goes wrong. For some reason cables have this effect on me, where lace doesn't (not to the same extent, at least). So I've been knitting a row here and there and have now done the first few rows of the second repeat. What makes it worthwhile for me is seeing the pattern emerging - otherwise I might not bother with what I find to be quite hard work. I'm using Felted Tweed for Shedir, and it's pleasant, but not one of my favourites. Thing is, I can't say why. I like the way it looks, more than the way it feels to knit with. Having said that, I like the way it feels once knitted. Weird.

I'm also still working on the second of Nick's socks, which I started back in April last year. The fact that each sock has 90sts isn't a good enough reason for this delay. I just got bored. The slipped-stitch-rib pattern isn't interesting enough to keep me, well, interested. On the other hand, I have to look at it whilst knitting, so it's not exactly mindless knitting.

I've resurrected the Edwardian Lace Stole as a wip in the last week or so. You may remember I started this back in August and, having completed one half, just stopped. Again, I think I became bored with the same old stitch pattern. Anyway, when I picked it up again I immediately liked the feel of the Kidsilk Haze with the bamboo addis, and wondered why I'd left it for so long. I mean, I can knit this pattern while Charles chatters away, or the TV is on. Now, there are only three more repeats to knit, plus the top edge. Don't hold your breath, though. You know it could still take me a few months.

I want to knit a little hat for Charles, from the Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitting Without Tears. It's the snail hat and I need a yarn that can do approx 7-8 sts to three inches. Cripes! That's big. Anyone know of anything nice I could use (wool - something natural)?

Before I go, thanks for all your comments on my Forecast. I'm enjoying wearing it.


  1. I knitted Shedir in the Rowan wool they suggested and it doesn't feel that nice either but it is greart to see the pattern emerge, a really nice super chunky yarn like Twilleys Freedom might be just what you need for the hat, they've got a good range of colours at Angel Yarns.

  2. I like the look of the Shedir. Its on my 'list'. What wool are you knitting the socks in? Tey look great.... maybe in baby cable?

  3. Jo - thanks, I'll check out that yarn.

    Nrs J - the yarn is Opal Rodeo, but it's discontinued.

  4. It looks really lovely and what you have just said is exactly how I felt about Rowan Tapestry and yet I love the finished garment , just didn't enjoy doing it. I find that some times the challenge of getting the pattern is the urge to do something but once its mastered I can loose the same interest. May be I should just do swatches !!
    Look fwd to seeing the finshed shawl:) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

  5. I love Shedir - I keep wanting to make it but never seem to get round to it. I love the way yours is looking. That colour is just so lovely - it reminds me of ice and blue-grey winter skies.

    I can't wait to see your Edwardian lace stole.

  6. shedir has intrigued and intimidated me. I still will want to make it one day. I like your colors! right in time for PS2
    I like T. Rex in the background...
    I love having some mindless knitting on hand- as a good contrast to a more complex one- get lost in thought, meditate... ah! to be in the zone...

  7. You have been busy, a hat, socks, and the Edwardian stole too. I can't wait to see that. It was gorgeous from what I remembered.

    I wish I could recommend a bulky yarn for the snail hat, maybe Rowan Big Wool? I'm not familiar with the pattern so I'm guessing here.

  8. Glad I came back, my comment isn't showing up :) Anyhoo, just said I laughed at the T.rex looming over Shedir, which looks beautiful.
    I don't know how you can knit lace while C. chatters, that's a no-no for me!
    Good luck with the socks, maybe they can be done by April this year? :D

  9. I don't know if you like Colinette but if so Graffiti is supposed to be about 10 stitches to 4 inches with 10mm needles.
    Being very impatient I've recently started doubling yarn up - you can get some nice, original effects. (Isn't Elizabeth Zimmerman great? I've got that book and the Almanac one, but I'd love to get hold of more.)
    Good luck with the challenges. Shedir looks very pretty.

  10. Wow, it seems like your UFOs are back on track again! Can't wait to see the finished stole! ^^ (goes back to mindless Morning Surf shawl knitting... ^^)

  11. Shedir is looking lovely, such a pretty colour. I've been avoiding trying it for months now :-D How about Colinette Point 5 for hats? You can easily do an adult-sized beanie hat in a bit less than one skein.