Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vogue V8511 Finished

I'm afraid I was having some trouble getting any clear photos of this dress. At the time I couldn't go out into the daylight as it was raining. Since then the weather has been mega-hot, at least for the UK in May, anyway (26C).

Anyway, back to the dress. It was finished just after Easter, in fact, but once again I've been really lazy about blogging. Uploading photos, actually bothering, you know. I seem to spend hours on the net looking at other people's sewing - something is wrong there! But as I was saying, the dress is done. It didn't take long, and was pretty easy, though I really, really dislike sewing when it involves that horrid slippy lining. Yuk.

On this dress I found that the seat area was totally baggy, so I had to elongate the darts at the back of the skirt, which helped somewhat. Should have planned in advance and made a toile first, and probably will do in future, though I can't bear the thought of spending on the fabric for it.

I really like this Kaffe Fassett cotton: it's quite crisp and not too fine; it has what I'd call "body". It doesn't slide about and seems quite robust. I made another of this dress in Liberty Tana Lawn Strawberry Thief, which I'll show when I can be bothered to blog again.

Before I go, you might notice that I sewed the centre pleat the wrong way round. Grrr. It's bugging me a bit, so I may unpick the bodice/waist seam and re-do the pleat. Or not.