Thursday, May 31, 2007


I'm here!! I'm so sorry, I hadn't checked in for so long, I didn't realise I was being missed and that you'd left messages. Thank you so much for your care. It's all my fault - I should have just declared a break from blogging, instead of disappearing.

I've been busy, yes, focused on other things really. Also, Charles has had hypertrophic (huge, huge, HUGE) tonsils and adenoids since the first week of April. You wouldn't know it to look at him! But at night it's causing obstructive sleep apnoea, which is uncomfortable for him, and frightens me to death. Recently he was only taking four breaths per minute at one point. I've tried eliminating different foods etc. Not working. So we're taking the homeopathic route, whilst waiting for an appointment with the ENT consultant. Really don't want those tonsils removed, if we can find another way.

The other thing is, not much knitting going on. I've been knitting the same pair of socks on and off for two months! So, nothing to report (and that's the main reason for not blogging).

But I hope you are all well, and I trust the knitting frenzy is continued without me!! And thank you again for asking after us.