Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Have Been Busy, but Not That You'd Know it

It all started when the paisley dress went wrong. At least, I thought it had gone wrong, but just discovered today (thanks Jorth, for the prod, if you're reading this) that it, in fact, was totally okay and still on course. I'll explain: having washed the fabric, cut out all the pieces etc. I was about to start sewing and realised (or so I thought) that I should have cut a particular piece on a fold, but hadn't. I didn't have enough fabric left to cut out another piece, so had to order more. And of course that had to be washed first (in case of shrinkage) and so I couldn't be bothered, and hid the whole lot away in a cupboard for a few weeks. I was about to resurrect the whole thing today, when I thought to double-check which piece needed cutting out again, only to find, to my total and utter amazement, that I hadn't made any errors at all. Aaaaargh. I can't for the life of me figure out why I thought I had gone wrong in the first place. I have cotton wool for brains, but I suppose that beats having snot for brains. So, I'll get back on the project and will have something to show sooner or later. Well, once I've got the zip, lining etc.

As you can see, I did make some bread. I was very pleased with it, as I thought I couldn't make bread. In actual fact it was a bit doughy in the middle, but at least it's not like a piece of kryptonite, like before.

We have been going on plenty of family bike rides. As you may know, I love cycling. Being out in the countryside on my bike, with no sounds but the country ones, is truly one of my favourite ways to pass time, and now that Charlie can ride his bike (albeit in quite a hair-raising manner) we all go together and have great fun.

I haven't been blogging; I seem to have a problem committing to it. But I have been very productive with different things. Must try to post more often.