Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Impatience Is Not A Virtue

Oh, I'm bored and impatient.

Fed up with knitting these pink socks now. The yarn is so lovely; I really like the colours and the texture. But I've been knitting socks with it for about two weeks now and this is the furthest I've got. At last, I may have got the number of stitches, needle size and pattern right. Might have, although I have been mistaken in the (recent) past. We'll see. The pattern is Bluebell Rib from the Charlene Schurch book I've mentioned before.

The thing is, when I'm bored anything can happen. I might spend too much money, money I haven't got, or decide I should move hundreds of miles away, to somewhere new and exciting. Luckily I usually remember I'm thinking this way because I'm bored and not because I really want to leave my family and friends and the life we have here. I can chop all my hair off, or dye it nuclear red on the spur of the moment, like this:

That happened last June and stayed until November when I became bored again. Sorry, it's painful to see how the hair clashes with the cardi, I know.

But I have learnt to recognise the difference between boredom and a sudden flash of inspiration. Don't know why it's taken me so long. So, at present I'm a bit restless with my knitting projects. The same old socks. Dare I say it, Ella 3 as well. I'm just feeling restless, I know and there's no reason for it. I do want to wear the socks, the belt, the Ella 3 but the journey there is the same old, same old..... And I have chosen articles I enjoy knitting, so it's not that; it's something inside me.

I really want to start the Mrs Beeton's thingies (wristwarmers - that's the beads and stuff) but that way leads to heartache and piles more unfinished items. I WON'T DO IT. Petulantly I also declare - I WANT TO SEW THINGS. Things like this
Bustle Skirt (pattern coming in post).

I will just have to keep this restlessness under control and buckle down, finish the belt, OH's socks, the Bluebell socks, the Ella 3 and then I can do WHATEVER I WANT.

Although, I have already cut Charlie's hair off. Quite a lot of it, all over.

BTW: Do not think, even for a second, that I have nothing to do around here. Looking after a toddler (entertaining a toddler), the house, staying sane - they all take up a lot of time. Oh, and selling everything I own on eBay so I can get a small yarn fix - that takes time.


  1. You didn't die Charlie's hair red then?
    The skirt looks great - I didn't know you could sew too.
    Hope you get good prices for your possessions. It's funny how the yarn hunger gets you. For me it's something to do with the smell I think. (Most of my stash is vacuum packed in a big plastic bag thing under the bed - we've got moths - so not easily accessible for sniffing.)
    Love the pink socks.

  2. I understand that 'ennui', but if it results in stunning Schiaparelli Pink hair, it beats my badly chopped hair into a cocked hat (why a cocked hat? Why?)Ennui and nothing to do never coincide, quite the opposite. Do you remember the old days when it was considered alright sometimes to do nothing! I think it was called relaxing, or something like that!! I forget!!

  3. This is why I need to learn to use the sewing machine, that bustle skirt is gorgeous.

  4. Bustle skirt looks very intriguing, I must think about that... (although I am officially NOT ALLOWED to start any new projects until I finish some old ones UFOs! ... Well, you know... ^^)
    I'll be dyeing my hair soon, because I'm bored with the brown shades and want to get dark! But pure red - never thought of that, maybe one day. ^v^
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your ebay sales, I'm currently doing the same on Polish online auctions - same reasons, same reasons. ^^

  5. The bustle skirt is not me, but I can see that it would look very good indeed on someone else. I can't get into the sewing thing that's going around; my yarn stash is piled on top of my sewing machine, accurately reflecting my enthusiasm. I like the pink hair, too. When I feel like that (this is the wrong place, the wrong life, etc) I either sulk and eat chocolate, both of which I later regret, or I buy books and/or yarn. I regret that, too, but at least they're tangible and useful. Unlike the results of eating too much chocolate, which are tangible and depressing!

  6. You finally cut his hair! Did you have to chase him around the house?

    I rather like your hair red like that. Very cool!

    Oh, and thanks for the bustle skirt link. I likes a lot!

  7. That skirt is so stylish! What colour do you plan to make it in?

  8. I have already made two! Will post details.