Sunday, October 15, 2006

Real Assistance Required as a Matter of Great Urgency!

Firstly, I've finished Willow and will do an entry on that tomorrow. BUT in the meantime I'm so stuck on my next project, Forecast. I've just got to row 17, where the yoke begins and I realise I don't know where to begin on the simple chart for the cable. Do I start on the bottom row of the chart, reading from right to left? In other words, purl the whole row? And is the next row up, row 18? Or 19? And do I read all of them from right to left? I don't know if the even and odd numbered rows are included or what. I expect it's obvious to all of you, but I've never done a cable or a chart before, so can't tell which way the chart should be read (make sense?).

I've never been stuck on my knitting before. I'm stomping around in frustration. Please friends, help, or I may have to go and eat all the golden syrup or something terrible.

The bad thing is, I know nobody reads blogs on Sunday. Ooooooh, tantrums.


  1. I read them! but then I don't have an answer... have you tried the Forecast Knitalong site? Maybe one of them would help?

  2. It's certainly not easy to work it out from the pattern.

    Conventionally on charts you would start from the bottom right and I think that as that is row 17 and a right side row the chart would be starting with a knit row.

    Then on row 18 you would purl the chart from left to right and then carry on working up the chart in the conventional way.

    I think I would work the cable section on its own ie cast on 17 stitches or so and do the cable section from the bottom up with 4 stitches on either side and see what it looks like. It wouldn't take long.

    It probably doesn't matter which way you do it but I think you'll be able to see if it's like the picture on the pattern.

    Hope that's helpful