Monday, February 05, 2007

Love Makes Little Things Grow

Here is the hat I knitted for Charles, in Twilley's Freedom Wool, colour Ocean. How quick this was! I knitted it on much smaller needles than called for, as it was meant for a three-year-old. It worked, and the fabric is so dense that it couldn't fail to keep you toasty. Thing is, Charlie will not, absolutely will not, wear it. I tried the same tricks as I used when I knitted the blue Odessa...."it's a train-driver hat"......"it's a Thunderbirds skiing hat", etc. It did not work and he cries real tears if I even look at him with intent whilst holding it. I have the same problem with the knee-high blue socks I knitted. It's weird. He will wear the Lana Grossa socks. They are softer, but I wouldn't say the Opal ones are too rough. I think children just decide something and they stick with it out of principle and not for any good reason.
But never mind - I have already worn this hat a couple of times and I love it. I may knit another in PINK (you know how I love pink (but not baby pink), though I only realised it after knitting everything in pink without even noticing).

Pattern: Snail Hat from Knitting Without Tears, 5mm needles, with Twilley's Freedom Wool in colour Ocean

Sorry, the photos were taken in the dark.

I have started not one, but two shawls (and both the same ) and will enlighten you soon.


  1. Ahhh it's a lovely little hat, Kids are funny people, Neo won't contemplate pants, not even Thomas the Tank pants, he's not keen on pull-up nappy pants either, I'm scared he's going to be the only boy in school wearing nappies!

  2. What a great hat, maybe he'll come round to liking it - or he'll prbably want your pink one. Am suitably intrigued about the two shawls.

  3. Will he tell you why he doesn't like it? If you knitted it in a chocolate brown wool it would look a lot like a chocolate I once saw. Or like something unmentionable. Hm. On second thoughts, best stay away from brown wool!
    I wanna see the shawls, I wanna see the shawls :-)

  4. the hat is so cute!
    I had the same problem with my son! I knit him this great bea Eliis hat( to match his coat, made sure had a cotton band around the inner part so it will not itch- I even put a label with a train inside- but he will NOT wear it. He says "its not cool mom"
    he will only wear a fleece hat his swim instructor casually said was a cool hat.
    so I wear it happily...

  5. This is the funny shape, I wonder what the problem is that Charlie doesn't want to wear it. Maybe he will when he's older and his fashion tastes change! *^v^*
    Looking forward to your shawls.

  6. That hat is very cute. If you keep wearing it maybe he will want it back!

    I can't wait to see the shawls.

  7. It's a lovely hat and at least you can wear it, even if C flatly refuses!

  8. What a shame and its such a lovely hat too.
    Look forward to seeing your shawls.

  9. How frustrating. It is a great hat though, and a bonus that it fits you too.

  10. It's a good hat :) There's no explaining these small people but they really know what they want .. or don't want ;)

  11. That is a fantastic hat, and it fits you greatly! It is definitely on my todo list too, maybe it will be my first EZ-project.