Monday, February 11, 2013

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt and Sirdar 8486


Thank you for your comments on my jumper, skirt and shirt.

Oh dear, it looks like me with my really huge, giant twin in the photos above.  Let's just say photos aren't my strong point!

Here are two more things I have made recently, the first being the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, above.  I made it in black needlecord so it's not showing up very clearly in the photos (what's new!)  In the photo below, it looks grey, but it's definitely very black.  I got the fabric from DC Fabric Traders on ebay and it's fantastic!  I washed it and popped it in the tumble-dryer before cutting, and it's still gorgeous.  It irons really well, too.

I am a totally different shape to the Sewaholic and Colette patterns and for that reason I wouldn't bother with anything too fitted (Thurlows, forget it, I'm afraid) but for this skirt (the longest option on the pattern) I didn't have to make any alterations at all, apart from cutting a size 6 on the waist and a 4 on the hip.

I really really like this skirt a lot; it's so easy to wear: it's comfy and goes with everything (looks especially fab with my Chuck sweaters).  The skirt was ridiculously fast to make up, and very simple.  I made the option with buttoned tabs, but no belt loops.  The zip is in the centre back.
There is no doubt I would like to make this skirt again, maybe in a shorter length.

The other thing I'm posting today is a jumper I knitted for Charlie.  Charlie chose the colour himself, which his Dad and Grandpa dislike intensely (which makes it all the better, hehe!)  After altering the white balance on the camera, this is a pretty accurate representation of the particular shade of purple.  It's not at all a blue purple.  I believe if I'm going to make something for Charlie he may as well like it, otherwise he will never wear it.  But this jumper, he loves it, and calls it his "designer" jumper, for some reason.  In his opinion, it's all the more special because I made it for him and he chose the pattern and the colour, too, so I couldn't be happier, and neither could he.
I think this jumper took me about five or six weeks to knit.  Apart from the sewing/seaming bit, I loved every minute (cables are my fave thing) and am in fact knitting him another in his second, more practical, colour choice of grey.  It's taking ages as I'm also knitting a black HUGE version for Nick (my Other Half) and a cardi for myself.

The pattern for Charlie's jumper is Sirdar 8486 (this pattern goes from a 24" to a 46" chest) and the yarn is a much more "budget" yarn than I have ever used before but I like it a lot and, in fact, ordered some in a mixed brown for myself.  It's Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Aran.  It's lovely to knit with and it feels light and warm and woolly but it's 80% acrylic (or somesuch nonsense) but it's surprisingly good to look at, too.  I haven't washed it yet, so time will tell!

Edited, to add: Charlie has just asked me why I have included our dog's bottom in the first photo.  I hadn't realised...sorry!


  1. I think you and your giant twin look lovely in that skirt :)...and those red shoes. Love them.
    I just know the basic stitches for knitting, but I think that jumper is so much work! Of course the result is lovely, and I´m so happy Charly loves it. You´ve got a lot of work ahead!

  2. Love the skirt and shirt look. Did you make the shirt too? It is pretty fabulous.

  3. I love the pattern of the sweater - it is exactly what I am looking to knit for my two boys!
    The pattern is out of stock - would you be willing to share?