Monday, April 01, 2013

Burda 7250 Trousers


Hello everyone!

Thank you for your comments on my carnival skulls skirt, and thank you as well for your best wishes.  All is well here: my mother-in-law is getting better all the time and we are all happy.

I have made some trousers!  Burda 7250.  How happy I am, reason being I have never made a pair of trousers I could ever be seen wearing (not even by myself, in the mirror!)    I don't just have a problem making trousers that look okay on me; I have a pretty tough time finding any in the shops that I am happy with.  I think I am an odd, square sort of shape.  Also, as you know, I am short.  I look all right in tight jeans but anything else...yuk.  I like trousers though, so I was really determined to make some I could wear and be happy with. Perfect Nose suggested Burda and, what can I say?  She knows what she's talking about!  Thanks, Perfect, if you read this, or even if you don't.

So, these trousers are made of what was described in the ebay listing as "watermarked" cotton, but the fabric doesn't feel like cotton. It feels more synthetic. Whatever.  I like it, anyway.  I did make up a shorts-length muslin for these trousers, which was essential, as I found I had to make a size and a half larger on the waist, than for the rest.  Also I shortened the trousers (in the thigh area) by about 6cm.  Next time I think I will shorten the top part (waist to crotch) by around 1-2 cm and widen the waistband further, to allow the trousers to sit lower without making the crotch baggy.  The other mod I made was to place the pocket openings lower down, as they were causing the sides of the trousers to stick out just below the waistband.  The pattern would have the pocket openings start immediately below where the waistband is attached.  But the fantastic thing for me is that, apart from making the waist a little wider and the leg a little shorter, I didn't have to mess about with any other part of the fit...yay!
(Yes, well, this is what I look like when caught unawares, trying to do something about my hair and not holding in my stomach!)

This pattern was so simple to put together.  I do really like putting in a mock-fly zip, so that added to the enjoyment!  

I will definitely make these again, perhaps in some really nice soft denim I have.
Before I go, I must just say that, yes, my hair is a right mess (exactly as it was when I woke up this morning, hehe!) and I have done no "styling" at all for these photos!  I just threw my jeans off, put these trousers on and got to work!  Just so you know...I was in such a hurry to take some photos so that they didn't join the queue of other sewing waiting to be blogged.


  1. Love a pair of bright trousers. The fit is great!

    I'd call that pattern on the fabric moiré I think.

  2. Thanks Catherine! I really like my trousers!

    And now I know what the fabric type is, if not the actual fibre!

  3. Beautiful. Your version along with the equally bright pair made by Sunni of a fashionable stitch is making me itch to make a pair. I'm not sure I have this skills just yet.

  4. These trousers are beautiful and I adore the color!

  5. Those trousers are gorgeous on you. Well designed and well made!

  6. Your new red trousers are so impressive. Great style and very professional detailing.

  7. congratulations for conquering trousers! they are a very difficult garment to fit (be it RTW or sewing) and it's great when you can find a pattern that suits you..

  8. You can be proud, your pants are amazing and fit you perfectly! And that red colour is great on you. Congrats, you look beautiful!

  9. Oooh love! Style em with a crisp masculine white shirt and stilettos methinks =D Very, very nice.

  10. thanks so much for posting this. i am wanting to make some pleated pants and was looking for a review of this pattern. they look great on you!