Sunday, September 01, 2013

Colette Hawthorn Dress in Liberty: Mawston Meadow


Thank you for your comments on my Lola Dress.  Sorry I haven't responded to them all; I have been on holiday in Cornwall.

Every time I see the photos of my Lola Dress (I use my blogroll to keep up with my fave blogs) I see how poorly it fits.  It won't stop me from wearing it but next time I will be certain to make some alterations before cutting.

But is my Colette Hawthorn dress.  And the good news is I love it.  Really love it!  Luckily I had made the peplum blouse version so I had already checked out the pattern for fitting issues (there weren't any!).  The skirt, being full, I knew would be fine.  It would be extremely upsetting to waste two metres of Liberty lawn!
I put this photo in as the skirt looks nice!
Although I knew the dress would fit, I was a little anxious it would look frumpy on me.  I do not want to look frumpy.  As it happens, the dress does look a bit frumpy on the hanger but once I put it on I feel very feminine in it.  Also I'm relieved to find that, although I made it with plenty of room in the waist (I probably could have taken out some of that ease) it's still flattering and doesn't make me feel like a sack of potatoes, which can happen easily, as I have quite a thick waistline.  So, it's super super comfy, which makes a change as I usually cut everything too small (yes I know it's stupid).
Close-up of Mawston Meadow
In these photos I'm wearing a petticoat with a little netting, which I think really accentuates the fullness of the skirt without making it look too dressy.
Petticoat: McCalls M6706
This dress is so easy to make, I know I'll make another.  Lots of buttons and buttonholes don't worry me, in fact I enjoy them.  And the collar is very simple to put in, and the armholes are finished with bias tape, which is another thing I enjoy doing.  All in all, a very pleasurable experience, in relation to making the dress, and wearing it.


  1. Beautiful! Love that you put a petticoat underneath it, it really adds a nice swish factor.

  2. Lovely! Congratulations on this dress, it is so pretty with the petticoat and that glorious liberty fabric. Fantastic!

  3. Gorgeous. Seriously beautiful...and you look amazing in it!

  4. Beautiful! That's a gorgeous and unusual Liberty print. You definitely don't look frumpy at all! I have to get this pattern, it's cute and vintage without being at all twee

  5. Catching up after a hiatus from blogging. Love your new dress - liberty prints are always a winner.

  6. Frumpy? No way! You absolutely own that dress. It's beautiful, the fabric and the fit. If I spotted it in my favourite vintage shop my heart would beat faster! xxx