Monday, May 20, 2013

Victoria Blazer - By Hand London

Having made the Elisalex twice, and being of the opinion that it's a great little pattern, I was quite keen to make up the latest offering from By Hand London: the Victoria Blazer.  So, I did, as soon as it arrived.

I made it up on Saturday, from a very soft and oddly silky denim from Our Patterned Hand, and lined it with a cotton poplin I bought ages ago, and which was languishing in my stash, way down the pile.
P5192384 P5192380
This pattern makes up very quickly, and I really did enjoy it.  Every single piece fitted together so perfectly.  I kept thinking, this is the bit where it will all go wrong.  I bet this won't fit like it should (just the pessimistic side of me!) but everything was perfect: the front/collar dart (with some rather aggressive snipping!), the collar and lapel pieces, the lining and shell, the sleeves, the cuffs - everything.  And that reminds me: the sleeve head has the perfect amount of ease in it.  Seriously, I have never before managed to ease a sleeve in without getting some pesky gathers in there somewhere.  But these...not a gather in sight.
Unless the collar and lapels are left standing up, and not folded back, the lining is always going to be readily visible, so that should be taken into consideration when choosing something suitable.

I would make this jacket again, maybe in a fabric with a bit more body.

Edited, to add: In fact, with the collar and lapels folded back, the lining only shows glimpses of itself.  In the photos I have purposely folded mine right back to show the lining but I had forgotten.  Still, better to choose a lining you are fond of, as it will show itself sooner or later!


  1. Alice, we were all sat around reading this with baited breath, as yours is the very first Victoria Blazer we've seen out in the wild. Aaaaand, it's so damn lovely and we're so so happy you enjoyed sewing it up! Thanks so much for sharing. xx Elisalex, Charlotte and Victoria