Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Socks and all This Lacy Goodness

So, I finished the lacy socks in the waterfall pattern and had some yarn left over so I knitted a little pair of socks for Charles. They only took a couple of days (needless to say I haven't even so much as glanced Ella's way) and were very satisfying as the yarn-over cable was so nice to knit - a four-row repeat and easy to remember. And I didn't even have to bribe him to wear them and they fit so perfectly.

I really enjoy these lacy patterns and am just starting another pair of socks for myself. It's Frankie's fault, really, as she pointed me in the direction of this place, and how could I resist? And now I have to use it for another pair of socks, this time with the oblique openwork stitch. I'm really having trouble getting my socks to come up at the right size (but I am fussy) as I keep changing the type of yarn and pattern and now needle size. I'm doing these on 2mm. Nice strong, pointy metal ones. I have learnt to keep trying on the sock as I go, threading the stitches onto waste yarn - it's the only way to be sure. But good news, I finally learnt the long-tail cast-on! Yippee. My old pc wouldn't play these videos and I had trouble learning this particular thing from a book. But now the knitting-technique-video world is my oyster. And I no longer cast-on twice the number of stitches and then do k2 tog all the way round (although I do really like the edge that makes).

Think of me this afternoon, as I have to go to Ikea at Milton Keynes to get a big blue funky bed for Charlie Townes. It's his first bed and I fear my life will never be quite the same again. Apart from the fact that I very much suspect that he wakes up at a ridiculously early hour of the morning and plays in his cot then goes to back to sleep, having got really bored waiting for me to appear, I will really, really miss going into his bedroom in the morning and taking him out of his cot and having a good cuddle and a chat. I look forward to that part of my day so much and Charles is such a jolly boy. Easy-going like his dad, not highly-strung like his Princess-and-the -Pea mum. I suppose once he is in a bed he'll already be up and about before I am. Cripes I might have to get up before 8 o clock if he hangs over the stairgate at his doorway, and shouts for me (there's no way I'd lock him into his room, as some people do. I'd rather stop him from getting into danger by putting a little gate at his door).

Don't they grow up fast? I'm dreading him learning to drive already. I used to be a driving instructor and it worries me sick how dangerous the roads are. But, as OH says, you can't let your fears rule your life.

I'm off for a good strong black fresh coffee (instant is not allowed in the vicinity of my house).


  1. they sure do grow up fast! my son is just outgrowing his toddler bed (not a cot) and I will need to get him a "real" (large) bed. I too was worried he'd walk around at night, but no problem.
    as for 8am wake up, I wish! we have to get up every day at 6!! and since he is used to it, he does it on weekends too!!
    naturally dyed yarn!! I love that. great, just what I need.......more lovely yarn!

  2. Beautiful yarn! shame im on a yarn diet...thanks for the link to the long tail cast on

  3. OH is right about the fears. Doesn't stop you having them though. I bet if you take the gate off the first thing he will do is rush in to you for a cuddle!
    Bob is 16 and still a huggger, hurrah!

  4. lovely lovely yarn. and beautifully photographed to boot!

    your story about your son was so sweet. makes me miss my own mom, more than i already do.

  5. Hope the bed-buying went well. My older daughter's first bed lasted till she was a teenager.
    I totally agree about the roads. I am always worried when I know either of the girls is travelling somewhere by car. But by the time Charles is 17 there will hopefully be a more sane transport system in this country.
    The new yarn looks lovely. I've only bought cotton from there, which is also lovely. Thanks for the sock-knitting tips - I'll be casting my first pair on during tonight's football match.
    (I suppose a picture of Charles' feet in his new socks though would be too much to ask.)

  6. If I can keep him still for long enough, Frankie, I'll oblige! But since he's so excited about his new bed, he's dashing about like a mad thing.

    Keep us posted about the socks (I know you will).

  7. Lovely lovely socks, I like lace-pattern socks in plain colours.

    The Natural Dye Studio do lovely yarn don't they. I have 4 skeins of DK that I bought last year (2 different colourways), still un-used, so pretty and I don't know what to use them for!

  8. You are so right. They grow up too quickly. In fact, so fast it's almost scary. Sigh.