Friday, September 29, 2006


Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my yarn problem, and especially for the suggestion of alternating the two batches. Thanks, HPNY! Believe it or not I wouldn't have thought of that myself.

The point of this post is to admit that I might have been too hasty in my criticism of Texere. Although the fact remains that they didn't give me the correct information at the time of ordering the new yarn, I should have contacted them with the problem first; that is, before denouncing them completely. They've admitted they did produce more than one batch but they have also asked me to send them a piece of the yarn I need, so they can see if they have a match. This means that either I'll get hold of the matching yarn and it will (might) be happy ever after, or I can at least mix the two, as you all suggest. The customer service at Texere is in fact very good and I suppose anyone can make a mistake.

At least this gives me the opportunity to do a bit more on the stole, though I still have about nine repeats to do.

I've forgotten about Eye-Candy Friday again. Oh dear.


  1. Glad you had the chance to stamp your feet before reason stepped in!!!!! Also glad that Texere are being helpful! It will be wonderful when its wearable!

  2. I was just going to say the same thing as cherry... always try a little whine first. If that doesn't make everything better then go ahead and ponder the possibilities.

    I love your 'alien seascape'. I miss the sea already and it's not the end of September yet.

  3. I'm glad your yarn story is going to have a happy ending. Plus you are going to finish the stole in the mean time too and I've been looking forward to seeing that.