Monday, September 25, 2006

Still Nothing to Show

It's not that I'm bored with the knitting at all. I have been knitting but just little bits here and there. I seem to have been picked up and swept along by the everyday current of life and I'm still hurtling along with it (but towards which end?) Time that would have been spent knitting (in between putting Charles to bed and eating dinner) has been spent exercising, and I'm reaping the benefits from that. I feel great. But my knitting..... Eunny says she doesn't often sit and give knitting her exquisite attention, more often knitting a row here and there whilst waiting, say, for water to boil or whatever. I'm right there with her, except that if I mostly did that I'd get a few rows done each day, rather than the whole, beautiful garments that seem to magically appear on Eunny's blog so often (isn't she talented!) What I'm saying is, in order to make progress I need to find more knitting time. If I ignored Charlie all day long and just threw his meals on the table and said "go play, Darling", I'd get loads done. But that's not fair. A neglected and bored toddler....shudder. I did have a chunk of about an hour the other day but when I went back to it later, I realised that for some inexplicable reason I'd stopped increasing and for the last twenty rows I'd been decreasing. So I had to rip back. Aaaaargh.

What do I have left to complete? I've knitted the back and two fronts and half a sleeve of Willow (the long cardigan). I tacked the back and front together a few nights ago (and forgot to take a photo). It seems to sort of fit, as far as I can tell. Now, this is very lucky when you realise my tension is so out. The garment is several centimetres wider than it should be, and several shorter. So how the sleeves are going to fit the body when they too turn out shorter and fatter, I don't know. I expect I'll squeeze them in somehow. Maybe this cardi will have puffy sleeves. Could be interesting.

Edwardian Stole I still have about eleven repeats and the top edging to do. I've got used to knitting this lace with the television on/people talking etc and no longer feel like screaming at anyone who so much as breathes in the same room when I'm trying to CONCENTRATE. It's Willow that's stopping progress on the shawl as I really want to finish it. The loopy yarn is pretty irritating, though I find the colours lovely, and I do find knitting garments a long and drawn-out process. I need a quick fix. Maybe some new sock yarn. Have you seen Piece of Beauty's
new shop? Lovely.

BTW I know the above photo has absolutely nothing to do with knitting but it's symbolic of just how weird life can seem sometimes (this was taken last Thursday when we went to West Wittering and Brighton, though that wasn't one of the weird days and we had a great time). They look as though they've just been dropped out of a UFO, don't they?


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying the exercising! I am absorbing the vibes!!!
    Love the spooky photo!

  2. I love that photo. It's so in the moment.

  3. Thank you for the Piece of Beauty link. It looks lovely yarn.

    I know what you mean about not enough knitting time. I need to be much more disciplined about the time I spend reading knitting blogs!!

  4. From what I've heard of toddlers you're doing very well to do as much as you do. I don't know how Eunny does it either. Or Vanessa (Wing of the Moth shawl in less than 2 days). I think Kathryn has a point, though :-)

    As for the photo: yes, a bit like aliens. But nice ones.

  5. Lovely photo :) Ach, the knitting will get done eventually. Glad someone's exercising! ;o)

  6. I think we all have periods like this, sometimes I just need to start something new and quick to get me back in the mood. I can vouch that knitting in the presence of small children is practically impossible, my children certainly hate to see me focused on anything that isn't them. I often wish there were more hours in the day and that I didn't need to sleep of course...

  7. I love a beautiful seashore photo! Your men look so happy and peaceful there.

    I try to do that too, knit a row while waiting for water to boil, or for a phone call -- on the days that are packed with chores, at least it's better than nothing.

    So glad you are finding the time to exercise -- you're an inspiration! :)

  8. I think I am the opposite of you and Eunny - I need to give my knitting my full attention or I just make mistake after mistake.

    Great photo! And I hadn't heard of Piece of Beauty before. Oh dear... My poor bank balance! :)

  9. The new yarn shop is lovely. I'm actually thinking of knitting an Ella after seeing all yours so maybe I'll try out her yarn for that.

  10. I can wholeheartedly agree that it is impossible to really focus on knitting with little ones. Emily is facinated by it all and knitting is rather at risk with her around and balls of yarn are often draped around the room after she's gotten hold of it. I still have a ball of mohair that has been 'toddlered' and needs sorting! Love the photo - they look like they're having fun!