Saturday, November 18, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different..

What a beautiful, sunny day it is - just the sort of day to take a photo (though the trees around our garden are so tall they don't allow much sunshine in the winter months, with the sun so low in the sky). The OH has taken Charlie Townes to see the trains whooshing through Tring station at Charlie's request, and I'm playing my new Amy Winehouse CD, which sounds as though it came straight out of the sixties. Anyway, this is what I'm working on at the moment (apart from the Raspberry Forecast):

I got the fabric from ebay for £3.77. There are 4 metres of it, though it's only 80cm wide. It's a textured, stretch jersey. Heaven knows what it's made of, but it's got a lovely sparkle to it, which satisfies my little inner magpie (the Audrey Hepburn part isn't too happy about it, though). I thought I'd sew it into a tube skirt just straight up and down the sides (but leave the raw edges on the outside down the back seam, as you can see in the photo - I like the frills), but it seems it's not that simple. Well, it is simple, but will take a little more work than I anticipated: I've had to put four quite deep darts in, around the waist. It's still not enough to make it snug enough around the waist and hip area so I'll have to adjust the darts again. I don't think having a pattern would really help, as it wouldn't account for how much stretch this fabric has. Speaking of stretch, I've sewn the hem by hand and may have to sew the whole thing that way. I'll try a sample on the machine, but I'm not sure it will come out with the right amount of ease in the stitching. I know practically nothing about the ins and outs of sewing, so much of it is trial and error for me.

In case you're worried about me looking a complete floozy in this tight and shiny skirt, don't worry - I'll be dressing it down!

Sew Direct they are selling all their McCall patterns at £3.25 for a limited time, so I've ordered the dress-fitting shell, which should be...interesting. As with my knitting, when sewing, I just choose a size to make and then find it doesn't fit here...or here...or here! Maybe this will help. I just need to buy some woven gingham to work it out and make it up. Then I want to make a nice high-necked Chinese sort of affair with this fabric. Something plain and simple.

If you fancy listening to a beautiful piece of music this morning, try
this. I know Gordon Lightfoot is not very well known to many people in the UK, but this music is beautiful. I love him. Kathleen reminded me of how much I like him, with her link.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I love that fabric, it's really sumptuous. I'm one of those people who will quite happily wear velvet, chiffon, silk and sequins at any time of the day. Perhaps not all together, but I wouldn't rule it out!

    I love the new Forecast too.

  2. The fabric is so wonderful! Glad to see I'm not the only one with the sewing bug! Though I have to admit to sewing for my niece and nephews....not me!!!

  3. You had me on the first photo. I would have bought that too if I knew how to sew!

    I think we all have an inner magpie (I love your expression -- that's great!) and there's nothing wrong with giving in to our need for the shiny stuff once in a while. Like that Rowan Kidsilk Haze with the shimmery flecks...have you seen that?!

  4. The fabric looks gorgeous and very you. I can't sew but I have bought an idiot's guide to sewing so one day will have a go.

  5. That's a really great piece of fabric - I love the rich colours. It reminds me of sweets wrapped in their shiny foil wrappers - very festive!

  6. That fabric looks so exciting, fantastic colour. I love the sound of the highnecked affair, sort of Issey Myake ish...?

    I think I will go and order one of those patterns myself, I have some fit issues with sewing, I would really like a tailor's dummy but can't quite justify it at the moment, sigh.

  7. I wonder if you put some sort of stabilizer in the waist area if that would help.

    Glad you liked the Gordon video --- have you watched any more Garnet Rogers? ;o)

  8. Kathleen, I haven't seen any more of G.R. but I did look for an album. Couldn't find the one you mentioned anywhere, though there was one of a different type on ebay. Thanks for reminding me - everyday business just takes over.

    The skirt is finished now. But that's another story.

  9. Oh what yummy fabric and so rich a colour; just in time for Xmas too. I have some lovely heavy woven silk fabric which is lovely and sparkly but have no idea what to make with it as I don't think its me !!Thanks for your comments on my blog much appreciated