Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Thank you all for your kind words, not that we were at death's door or anything, but it was pretty nasty. Charles got the worst of it, but he's back on top form now.

Knitting - It was with much relief, and with no sense of defeat whatsoever, that I frogged Funnel Neck right back to thin air. In fact, it felt good. There are times when we have to face the truth. In this case, not only was it too much of a pain to think about getting the stupid thing to fit me (I just could not be bothered), but I had known from the start that a jumper in 100% rib was not going to be to my liking, and I chose to ignore it. Funnel Neck is no more and never will be. There.

Being a creature of habit, I immediately cast-on for another Forecast (in the Debbie Bliss Tweed). This yarn is supposed to be the same weight as the Cascade 220, but when I knitted the neck in 5mm as before, it was HUGE. Instead of frogging, I kept it, and after making some quick calculations I went on to knit the yoke in 3.5mm, which came out small enough to fit a kitten, and was killing my fingers. Frogged back to the neck again and started on 4.5mm, which seems to be okay. I don't know why I have these problems, unless my tension varies wildly from wip to wip (which is quite possible). But the element of trial and error in my knitting is far huger than I suspect it is for most people. It can be very trying.

Anyway, I'm down to the ribbing on the body and I think it's okay. I just hope I don't hit the same problems as I did on the first one, where I didn't have enough yarn. I didn't mention it before, as I couldn't be bothered to do that much typing, but in the middle of the second sleeve I realised that I may not have enough yarn left for the button bands, so immediately put the sleeve on a holder and went on to the bands/edgings. After the edging I only had enough yarn left to do about another inch on the remaining sleeve, so had to undo the one I'd finished and frog a couple of inches, re-knit the cuff, and hope I'd have enough yarn from that to do the same on the other sleeve. I did - just. It was pretty hair-raising. This time I'll do the button bands first, then tackle the sleeves.

It remains to be seen whether the ribbing on the body will be okay on 4mm needles. We'll see - there could be more frogging ahead.

PS I'm knitting another Forecast because I really do like my original one with my jeans, enough to want another in a different colour.
I know I look a bit strange in this photo. I was trying to smile on self timer (see what I mean) and I had a cold, and my hair left a lot to be desired.


  1. Glad you're better.
    I love the way Forecast is knitting up in that yarn, it's going to be a stunner.

  2. Hey, cool sweater! I may have to put that one on my "to do" list.. yeah, right.. I'm sure I'll get to it by the time I'm a hundred and five...

    Looks great though and I bet it would really pop in other colors!

  3. you look cool in the photo! smashing! it is great when you don't "fight " with a project any more. good for you!! knitting is to be fun and enjoyable, not misery.

  4. I hope that cold goes away completely soon. It sucks when it sticks around for ages.

    That new forecast is such a pretty color - I like the old one, too. :)

  5. I like the look of the new forecast. I can see why you're doing another - the original is great.
    I agree with you about k/p rib - it's ok for a border but deadly for a whole sweater.
    Glad you're all recovered from the tummy thing.

  6. You are my knitting hero! I have to remember if first you don't succeed...rip and rip again! I'm off to start my baby blanket for my nephew and since I'm making this up a bit....I'm a bit worried......

  7. So glad you and Charles are back in top form! You look great in the photo anyway...

    You're smart to go with what works, and frog Funnel Neck and do Forecast again. You can never have too many great sweaters (jumpers!).

  8. Oooh I love that colour, I was eyeing up some of that DB yarn in my local shop the other day, looked like it would be nice to knit with. You look fab in your original Forecast, looks really good with the jeans.

  9. Great work! I love it in the red. You are right, the navy one is good with the jeans.