Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hehe, I'm Still Alive But Can't Remember How To Post!!

Thank you, thanks to all of you who have thought of us, and left comments. Anne, Mrs J, I've only just seen your comments left in February.

Charlie is just fine, though his tonsils are still huge. We are used to it now, but not worried, as he is well, and his night breathing is better than it was. We will continue to monitor the situation.

I have been knitting constantly, mostly socks. Oh, there have been a few floaty KSH cardigans (yes, I'm still in love with KSH). I should take some photos, I know.

Anyway, a short post just to let you know we're okay. I am planning to get back into the blogging soon, and catch up with everyone.
xxxxxxxx to all


  1. What a nice suprise to see you come up on blogspot! Glad all are well.

  2. Oh, I was glad to see you're posting again.

    Glad that your son is better too!

    Well, I wouldn't mind if you posted some pictures of KSH cardigans. I am totally in love with KSH too and am knitting a sweater now after just finishing one, and next up will be a cardigan in this airy, soft cuddly yarn...

  3. Good to see you...

    Yes, yes, pics of KSH, please!

  4. lovely to hear from you! glad t hear all is well and clicking away! do post some pics.

  5. Hooray! Good to hear all is well with you all and looking forward to seeing some pretty KSH creations!

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    Elena, if you read this, I can't contact you to reply. Blogger says it doesn't have your profile.

    Where is your blog????

  7. Hello! Nice to see you - and yes please to the picks of your knitting during your blogging break - lots socks and KSH cardis sound fab

  8. I'm so happy to see you. I was worried! Now show us some of that KSH when you get a chance, and best wishes to Charlie. I'm glad to hear he's better.

  9. Cor Lawks a Lummey!!! How lovely to hear from you!!
    Sorry to hear that life for Charles is still challenging, but good to know his feet will always be wrapped in knitted love! Keep up the great work Alice XXXXX