Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Most Lovely Best Friend (who knew...?)

You know how it happens: you're supposed to be looking up something useful online, and suddenly you've come across at least ten relatively obscure items that you never knew you needed, but now absolutely cannot live without? In my case this usually applies to books, but just recently it could be anything. Like a Jaeger bag (don't ask....I didn't even know the site existed when I logged on that morning), a candy thermometer (like I make a lot of confectionary...NOT), and the list goes on.

The other day I was looking up something to do with Nigel Slater (my other new best friend) and quite by chance came across something he said about not needing many gadgets in his kitchen, but his ice-cream machine was (I'm paraphrasing terribly here) the love of his life and he could never be without it. I thought, if it's good enough for Nige, it's good enough for me. Before I knew it, I'd taken delivery of a Magimix Le Glacier!

I must say, it hasn't let me down. I LOVE it. And we're not even a big ice-cream family. I think we just like most things we've made ourselves, as much because of the sense of satisfaction at having made something edible, as the fact that it tastes so good. Also, we like knowing what has gone into it.

So far we have made Vanilla Iced Yogurt (very refreshing and zingy), Chocolate Ice-Cream (very rich, made with mostly cream instead of milk), and Raspberry Ice-Cream (nice with coulis). I have found I prefer the less rich ice-creams, made with more milk than cream, as they are much more refreshing and the flavour comes through more.

But good grief, I have to be organised...with strainers and ice-baths and ingredients all standing by. The custard-based ice-creams are quite time-consuming to make but they are worth it. On the other hand, you can't beat just chucking a few things into the churner and scooping them out as a delicious frozen dessert about fifteen minutes later. Like Greek yogurt, caster sugar and vanilla.

If I start to inflate over the next few months, you'll have a sneaking suspicion why!

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  1. Helllooo! How lovely to see you back here again and very pleased to know that I'm not the only one partaking in Very Early Sunday Wine.

    I've wanted one of those Magimix Le Glaciers for ages, in fact I've been thinking about it a lot lately, good to know that you are using it such a lot.