Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vogue 9771 Disappointment


I made this top in a polyester (I think) jersey, a very slinky, drapy fabric. The top was so easy to make, I couldn't believe it (if you allow for the horridness of sewing any stretch fabric - yuk). There is a self-facing in the front of the neck and separate facings in the armscyes and the back of the neck (no fastenings of any kind - you just slip it on over your head). Anyway, within a few hours it was finished and I couldn't wait to wear it. But, oh dear. When I looked in the mirror I noticed straight away that one armhole was bigger than the other, though it didn't seem to be something anyone else would notice when the top is worn. It still bugged me like crazy. I laid the top on the floor, to inspect it, and horrors! it was totally and utterly lopsided. I don't understand why. Fair enough, the pattern is cut on the bias, and the whole thing has stretched diagonally somehow. So it's something to do with the bias but I don't know if the fabric wasn't "square" when I cut it, or whether it has just stretched out of shape in one direction. I'm confused, because the facing for the larger armhole still fitted, tabs and everything, when I sewed it in. Or could it be because the pattern didn't say to use a stretch fabric. I don't see why it would matter...


I was so excited about this top, as I really like the fabric a lot, and the shape of the garment, too. I'm so disappointed. I'm developing a small phobia of stretch fabrics! It's a real shame because half the patterns I choose call for stretch fabrics.

I would make this again, but in a NO stretch fabric.

By the way, I am having real trouble getting my photos the right size. Sometimes they come up HUGE and sometimes small. Bear with me!


  1. That's a great top. It's funny, from the first photo I'd have guessed it was the right side that was longer, going by the way it drapes, but it's the left, so it's really not obvious when it's worn. But it is annoying when you know something's wrong even if it can't be seen.

    Think you're right that it's stretched out because the fabric is jersey, not woven. My guess is it would work in jersey cut on the straight grain, not that I have any great expertise!

    I say wear it and see if the irritation goes away. It's too nice not to.

  2. Hi Alice and Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely compliments.

    Sorry about your top, which makes for a perfect garment to pair with a pant, skirt or under a suit.

    When I work with stretch I do a straight stitch to stablize the neckline and armholes. Knits can be so weird during the sewing process.

    Its such a pretty top, I would definitely make it again in a stretch and also to play it safe you could use clear elastic along the neckline and armholes just to ensure it does not stretch.