Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Red Beignet & Butterick B5335 View B

Sorry about the lack of any effort at all for this photo.  I just chucked the skirt on whilst taking the Iris photos.

Anyway...a few weeks ago I made another Beignet skirt, but haven't got around to blogging about it until now.  I wear my grey one so often I thought I could do with another, in a brighter colour but, strangely, I prefer the non-descript grey one.  The grey one is stretch drill, and really soft, though it creases badly, but it feels really comfortable to wear, and it goes with lots of things.  The red one is a cotton (non-stretch) drill, which is very nice fabric, but I put pockets in this version and I think I prefer it without.  I don't like the way they break up the line of the side seams.  I could always take them out but I am too lazy and have moved on to other things.  The facings are a batik cotton,and the lining some sort of silver acetate.

I am planning yet another version in a non-stretch mid-blue denim but will leave it a while, so as not to bore you too much all in one go.
I also made up Butterick B5335, view B, which is a very simple raglan-sleeved top.  It took me hardly any time at all, as there are only back, front and sleeve pattern pieces, and after sewing it all together there are just a couple of narrow hems required to finish it off.  I made it up in a stretch (very) brocade of some sort.  It's an odd fabric, feeling slightly foamy/springy to the touch.  Goodness knows what it's made of.  Because I was having trouble with the hems on the bottom and sleeve edges, I used a very short and concentrated zig-zag stitch on the seam line and then just trimmed close to it.  I like the crinkle effect it's made.
I have also made a Cambie dress (the full-skirted version) in a vintage floral cotton - just need to take photos - and half finished another (A-line version) in a skulls and roses cotton.


  1. Wow! You have been busy. I love the red skirt

  2. I makes sense to do the facings in a lighter weight fabric. I feel that my Beignet is a bit top heavy.

    1. Hmm, I couldn't imagine doing the facings in my shell fabrics - it would make things harder to manipulate for a start.

      But at least yours is virtually bullet proof!

  3. Nice! The red is very pretty and I like the blue facings you've used. I'm starting to face my skirts in silk-it's great for using up scraps and it slides on better without any annoying friction with the top you're sliding it over..

    By the way, any chance of installing disqus? I'm really over having to deal with recaptcha-had three goes at this comment XP. Disqus handles spam blocking for you (it uses Akismet, the same algorithm that's built into Wordpress) and enables cross platform commenting while keeping tabs on comments, responses, pings and trackbacks. That means people from typepad, wordpress, livejournal, overblog etc will be able to see your responses etc without having to get a Google login or muck around with OpenID (OpenID doesn't work for the most part)..

  4. Thanks! I like the red, just not so much on me.

    I really like silk linings - they're so comfortable - but haven't thought of using it for facings. Good idea.

    Disqus...I tried to install it the first time you mentioned it. I got as far as registering but then couldn't figure out what to do next. I'll check it out again. I might need some help!

  5. It's okay...I am kind of thinking out loud here...I've clicked something that said "import comments from Blogger" and it says something will happen within 24hrs.

    Watch this space...

    Sorry everyone, for the madness...hehehehe!

  6. However, I still can't figure out why it says "1 comment" when I know there are 4.