Thursday, July 05, 2012

Colette Macaron, Vogue 8295 and Charlie's Fancy Stitches

This is a quick catch-up post. I will blog proper pics and the details for both projects individually, when I can.

I have been busy with lots of things these last couple of weeks: work (from home), sewing, and school-related things, too. Oh, and Rock Choir. I have my first concert tonight. Yikes!

First off, I made a silk skirt in a striped silk dupion. I was so happy with it. Was. I kept staring at it on the hanger, thinking I would make more of them, but when I wore it, something about it didn't feel right.
I think it's the length. I purposely kept it long but now I'm not sure it's right for this skirt in this fabric, so I'm going to shorten it to just above the knee. Thing is, I have quite a queue of things that must be done beforehand, sewing-wise.I have a shell of a Cambie dress that has been ready for weeks and weeks, but it needs the whole lining making up, and attaching. I have to make a Liberty lawn shirt for my little boy in the next week, as he wants to help me make it and wear it to a christening next weekend. He has become in awe of my sewing machine (he's eight), and spent about two hours on it last Saturday, doing fancy stitches (see above).

I have also made a Macaron dress. I LOVE it. Really, I wasn't sure it would suit me but I think right now it's my favourite dress out of all the ones I have made. Again, I will blog the details separately when I get more time.
I have so so so many things I want to make, and several things on the go. I feel it's reached fever pitch! I am obsessed and I don't have anywhere near enough time to give all these things my attention. I have a bodice for Vogue 8413:
I have cut out numerous patterns, which seems to have become a hobby in itself. One of them is Vogue 1307, which nobody else in the universe seems to have blogged about, and which I'm determined to make work for me. 
I have this brushed rayon/wool paisley with a great drape to it, which would be fab for winter. I'm not sure whether these trousers (if they actually fit, even) would look cool or clownish! We'll see.

Well, that is the update. I must go now, as I have to leave soon, for the theatre. Wish me luck. Though I am on stage with many other people, I'm feeling quite nervous, although I'm excited and very much looking forward to it.

 I will be back at some point with details on the Macaron and Vogue 8295 silk skirt.


  1. So prolific, makes me feel quite envious. Can't wait to see the Macaron on you, as well as the finished vogue dress

    Love your boy's sewing!

    1. Thanks! I would pass on your comments to Charlie, but he will be cross I posted his handiwork!

  2. You have been busy - making lots of nice-looking things that I can't wait to see on! I love the look of the coral Vogue dress (mmm I think I need one of those..) and I am sure you'll make the trousers cool rather than clownish!

    1. Thanks, Sherry

      Funny, I too thought the dress bodice looks a bit coral (even in the flesh, so to speak). It was described as "tomato red" when I bought it online.

      I quite like the coral!

  3. Wow, I don't know how you fit it all in! Looking forward to seeing pics of the Macaroon on you!

    1. Neither do I, Catherine! And I hardly ever sew during the day. It's usually the odd evening and a few hours some weekends, with a bit of finishing sneaked inbetween.

  4. Such a cool queue of projects! Can't wait to hear more about the Macaron. It's the next dress in the Colette 2.0 Sewalong and I need something to get me excited about it. I'm glad you like yours so far. That gingham is really cute.

    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting, and for your comment.

      I really will try to post about the Macaron soon. I still really like it (you know how these things can change from one week to another!)

  5. The macaron dress is very nice, I love the checks. And the red bodice is very promising.
    By the way, how was the concert?

  6. Pauline, thank you.

    And thanks for asking about the concert. Goodness, that moment when the curtain went up and I was dazzled by the lights (along with all the others). I didn't know it was possible to feel so nervous, honestly. But a few songs in I began to enjoy it so much. I really felt I could stay for ever. It was BRILLIANT!

  7. Hi Alice, loving the Macaron dress, it doesn't look handmade at all, very professional. So glad the Rock Choir went okay for you and t hat you enjoyed it. Thanks for all your help with the Cambie dress :o) Its finished now and on my blog. I'm cutting out the next one tomorrow :o)