Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colette Macaron

At last, here are the photos of my Colette Macaron.  I had seen so many versions of this in Blogland, I had to give in and make one of my own.  Most fabulously the fabric I used, a medium weight black cotton lawn and some (polycotton, I think) black and white gingham, had been in my stash for around three years.

I really enjoyed making this dress.  There was nothing tricky about it; it just all came together nicely.  I especially like that the sleeves are in a double layer, folded over so you don't have to hem them.  It gives them some extra body too.
Apart from taking a bit in at the shoulders and the front of the bodice when sewing the sleeve in, I didn't have to make any alterations.  I think I should have made the upper bodice (the black bit) in a size smaller than the lower bodice, then I wouldn't have had to do the alterations.
I finished all the vertical seams by folding and sewing each seam allowance back on itself (I don't know what it's called), and I just oversewed the waistband seams.  The hem, I stitched nicely by hand, to make it invisible.  My invisible zip went in perfectly - cool!
I was mindful of the fact that the gingham squares might not line up if I wasn't careful but, apart from one little bit where the skirt meets the waistband, they all did.  Of course, I unpicked the bit that didn't, and adjusted it.  Now, all the squares are balanced, even on the hem, which curves.  Yay!

I enjoy wearing this dress so much, I am already planning another, this time with some crazy print for the main fabric, but repeating the black on top.


  1. A million times wow. I love this! I just received the pattern last week and am doing the Colette 2.0 sewalong next month, so it's obviously on my mind. It's a relief to hear that it isn't too complicated to put together. Your print lined up beautifully. Never thought about doing a Macaron in gingham but this is great. Congrats on a very cute and wearable dress.

    1. Thanks Cuckoo!

      I will check in to see your Macaron!

  2. I'll just pick up my pom poms and give you a big cheer!

  3. Wow. Best Macaron ever! You've got such a good eye for colours and fabric.

  4. I love that dress! And the best thing: it looks as chic with high heels than with wellington boots! Great job Alice.

    1. Thanks Pauline! I like wearing my wellies with everything!