Sunday, July 30, 2006

Addi Turbo and Kidsilk Daze

I bought some more yarn from Texere, seeing as the first lot (Storm) worked out so well for the Glamour Cape. This is Balmoral, "a mohair and wool loop with a nylon binder". It's a lot softer than Storm but not that soft. In fact, amongst the relative softness are some quite prickly sticky-out bits that feel soft to the touch but nevertheless have the ability to poke mercilessly through clothes and irritate. Listen, I wouldn't be buying this stuff if I wasn't feeling so skint. But it's okay, there's a certain pleasure to be found in spending small amounts when I'd usually spend much more. I'm calling it being extra creative. Anyway, I'm making a long cardigan with a belt, from the Louisa Harding Design Collection. It's supposed to be knitted in a completely and utterly different type of yarn altogether but there you are. It will either work out or it won't and since I love knitting it doesn't matter too much as I'm still enjoying the process. Surely it's got to turn out better than Celandine, the Terrible Tank Top which turned out more like a fluffy maternity top, even with the ribbon I threaded through.

I really like the colours of this yarn and the fact that the little loops catch on my needles all the time doesn't really matter, as I rarely knit without looking anyway. I'm not like Kendra, reading - reading, I said - whilst knitting, for goodness' sake.

Also on the needles is the Kidsilk Haze I bought a while ago. Yes, yes, I know. I was supposed to make the Mrs Beetons with it but I spotted a beautiful scarf on Tusa's blog (thanks, Tusa!) and had to drop everything else and make it with some urgency. But honestly, inexplicably I now feel like I would feel if I'd just admitted to eating all the Easter eggs I bought to give as gifts. That has happened in the past.

Thing is, I've never knitted with Kidsilk Haze before (oh, actually this is the Spray version - what's the difference?) but it's gorgeous, gorgeous angel breath. The tricky thing is I'm using the Addi turbo circulars (metal ones) in 8mm x 40cm and they are as slippery as eels, especially with this yarn. A couple of times I've dropped a needle and it's just fallen right out of every stitch, which is plain scary I tell you. I detest these needles but I had no other option. I would only ever choose to use these horrid things if I was using a really stiff yarn, like Storm (wish I'd had a pair in the right size when I was knitting the cape). Anyway, I can't wait to finish the scarf - it's floaty and diaphanous and I've threaded a few beads on, as suggested by Tusa. Fantastic. Can't wait.

I'd really like to make this next but I'd like the yarn suggested in the pattern and it's quite expensive. But isn't the pullover great?


  1. Uh oh! Just bought my first Addi Turbo circulars!! Thanks for the warning - I will hang on tight.
    I hope your Texere project works out. I love thier simple but honest descriptions. A good wash works wonders as you know!
    love the scarf. You were 'supposed' to make Mrs Beeton - hey girl - you can make whatever you like!!!!!

  2. I happen to love addis. once you get used to the slipperiness of it, its great.
    i love the boucle yarn and the color. its lovely.
    and the sweater you want to make is very sexy and cool!

  3. Love the KSH scarf pattern. I reckon the cardi in the Texere yarn will be just fine. I know what you mean about the Addis, they can be slippery little beggars. I do like mine, there days I use the 12 inch ones for hats but tend to use the Denises for other stuff.

  4. I love Addis - for some things, not particularly for the KSH! (The difference is that Spray is variegated, BTW). Greta for lumpier yarns, though.

  5. Kidsilk Haze is my desert island yarn, I love it and your scarf will be gorgeous. That looks like the same colour I used for my own Birch, looking forward to seeing it finished. I know what you mean about a dropped KH stitch though, not funny at all.

    Cardigan is looking grea, I love the colour, very autumnal.

  6. I really want to make the Stitch Diva Sweater too but can't really afford to make it in the recommended yarn. I was wondering about some silk yarn from Hipknits or maybe some Debbie Bliss silk.

  7. Angel breath - that sums up KSH perfectly! I find bamboo needles work the best. It's a pain to knit with regardless, but my giddy aunt, the results are always worth it!

  8. I know what you mean about Addi's but for some things they are the bestand I wouldn't be without them but for stuff like kid silk I use my bamboo needles. I realy must try some of Texere's yarns as they are a reasonable price and I am all for a bargain, especially when skint like you said . Fingers x that you will be pleased with the finished garment, sorry not sure which LH one it is but I do know about disasters, see my latest update. Ah well at least this yarn will be easy to frog , unlike some

  9. I love the scarf. The colour you've chosen is beautiful. I agree with you about knitting being quite a lot to do with just enjoying the process. I've knitted quite a few things I'll probably never wear but I don't regret a thing. Well maybe that ribbon yarn halter top...

  10. i also love that new stitch diva pattern, but i think i'm gonna wait on it.

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog! i really feel like it was darkest before dawn -- we're getting settled, and i'm so happy. now i can focus on knitting again!

  11. I used to go to the Texere warehouse in Bradford all the time. That was such a fun place. :)

    Your scarf looks pretty!

  12. Too bad about the circulars. Addi's are great for other projects but I suppose bamboo would have been better for this project. I'll have to remember that when I go to do a lace project...if I ever get around to it.....

    I love that sweater pattern, I just saw it and I think it might actually fit me...but will I actually do it???? Probably not... Must get around to making myself something!!!!