Monday, January 30, 2012

Anna Sui Vogue V1217

I made this dress with high hopes, which is why I used a wonderful, soft cotton lawn I've had in my stash for about two years, waiting for the right thing to come along. Heavens above, why is it that the one time (in recent sewing sessions) I don't make a muslin, I really should have? I mean, muslins are so useful for (as far as I am concerned) three reasons:

I can check the fit
I can check any tricky construction details
I can see if the shape of the garment actually suits me.
And I do think that the last reason on the list is probably the most important. Yes, I have been alive (at least this time around!) for a whole forty-six years and I still have learned only a couple of things about what suits me! I should know by now that loose-fitting, billowy dresses just swamp me and make me look, well, small and puffy. Not good.
I sound as though I really really am unhappy with this dress, but I'm just a bit disappointed that it doesn't look as good on me as I wanted it to. The shape is wrong for me, the neckline makes my shoulders look very sloping. It's too short, even though I'm short myself. I will still wear it in the height of summer when everyone else is too hot to care what they or anyone else looks like, because it is very floaty and cool! I think this dress needs more definition in the shape: ie. narrower at the bottom than it is. That would help.P1309119
On the plus side, the dress was so fast to make up. I used piping for the first time, and it was easy (but I suspect I used thicker piping than was called for). It pulls on over the head, rather than needing a zip. I didn't hem it...just finished it with my overcasting foot (how did I live without one?)

I wouldn't make it again, but I did enjoy making it at the time. I just don't look that good in it. It actually feels like a hospital gown. This shape suits me much better. It's another Vogue V2091 (there are more!)P1149100


  1. Maybe you could shorten it to top length rather than wear it as a dress ? you might like it better ?

    Did your sewing machine arrive ? I have been waiting for news !! I was scared to email just incase you hated it !

  2. Also meant to add I started making this in Silk sequined chiffon .I didn't finish it as I have come to realise I need waist deinition. I have a small waist and you are very slim . I am wondering maybe you might love it more it you add waist darts or a self tie belt.
    I bought loads of patterns ( that are not waist enhancing ) before I realised this revelation.
    I think you suit fitted and form fitting .

  3. Could you belt the Anna Sui dress?

    The purple and green one is fab!

  4. That dress actually looks really cute- you could wear it with contrast tights and a short cropped jacket. A big bow scarf at the neck would also balance it out more and make it less 'swampy'. If not, just put it up on etsy and add a link through burdastyle. I know heaps of people that are really into that style. Best of luck.

    Also, OpenID is being a little s*it again so could you setup disqus or something similar so that non-blogger people can comment with their own identities please?