Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm Back (again)

Oh dear. I seem to have headed more posts in this way than a decent person should have to!

We had a kitchen extension, which took four months - longer than anticipated, due to various problems (although I enjoyed the whole process immensely - even having no kitchen whatsoever for six weeks!) During that time the only thing I could think of was building and fixtures and fittings. No exercise. No sewing. Nothing except choosing things and making tea and tea and tea and more tea. I don't miss that. I did miss my sewing, however, but then the run-up to Christmas came and that also meant no time for sewing. Until the Xmas hols...yippee!


Of course, no sewing didn't mean no following my fave sewing blogs, so I kept coming across wonderfully inspirational posts and was itching to make certain items. I made a black double-knit dress, which I love. I knew my Ashtanga yoga would be put to practical use one day: it helps to be able to partially dislocate my shoulders in order to get into the dress. Hehe, only joking. However, the dress is so tight when getting my arms in, I really do have to do some weird shoulder clicking to make things happen. Oddly the dress is very comfortable when on. I wore it on Xmas day and it expanded as required and stayed comfy too. It's Butterick B5559 and I'll post on it properly in the next few days.

There was also my new absolute darling favourite, Vintage Vogue V2859 Blouse (1930s). Gosh, bits of it were tricky dicky but it was worth it. I have never found making a muslin so useful. Oh wait, I've never bothered before! Thank goodness I did for this one, though. Not so much for fit, but for figuring out what to sew and where! Again, I will post about it separately, with photos.

Happy new year to all...what a fab time of year. I do love it (not Christmas...I can honestly say I completely detest it and I think I'm becoming phobic) But I love the new year and the fresh start it offers (even if that's just psychological trickery). It just feels good. I hope 2012 is great for you all...

PS We got a dog four weeks ago. That's her, above. Her name is Pickle. She is eight-months old.


  1. Hi Alice, great to have you back! Sounds like you've had an exciting few months ... I think the kitchen would have driven me mad :-) Looking forward to seeing your new projects. I love a black dress.