Tuesday, January 10, 2012

McCalls M5661

Because I have done no sewing at all for a couple of weeks I just wanted to make a quick post on a top I made a little while ago and never got around to posting about at the time.
It's McCalls M5661 and I made version D, which took only a metre or so of fabric, even though the fabric I used - a black silk dupion - was quite narrow.

I really like this pattern; it's so easy and so fast to run up. I did make it much more time-consuming for myself though: I oversewed all of the seam edges and the facings, and did the hem, by hand. I know! It took ages to do all that hand-sewing but it was very relaxing. Don't think I'd go down that route next time though.

Although the top is made from silk (and has Very Special - expensive!! - buttons) it's very wearable and looks great with a pair of jeans and a cardi.

I'm going to make the top again, possibly version D again, as I just bought a metre of some really beautiful printed silk dupion on ebay (I think it was £7.00, so not bad).


  1. Lovely neckline on that style. The hand finishing must have taken forever though!