Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Butterick B5559


As I said, I couldn't resist making Butterick B5559. I do really like my clothes to be form fitting as I'm quite petite. Though I love flowing, graceful clothes on other people, they can swamp me and make me appear totally shapeless, so a dress like the one above is perfect for me. This photo was taken on Xmas day, the first outing for this dress.

Cutting out the pattern, I did feel a little daunted by the tucks that needed marking out and indeed this proved to be quite a tiresome task. Marking the fabric up is my least favourite bit of the dressmaking process and there is a lot of marking up to do for this one as you may imagine: darts and tucks galore. I basted all the lines in huge stitches and then cut in between the stitches so I could remove the pattern. Ugh. Now I know there are such things as carbon paper I might try that method next time.


Sewing the dress up was really very simple. The tucks/pleats were very easy to sew; quite enjoyable actually, and the dress came together very quickly indeed (once the fabric was marked!) You just sew the darts, sew the tucks, add the facings, sew the back and front together and make a hem. Ta da! The one tricky bit (that I didn't achieve, no matter how I tried) was lining up the tucks, front and back. Mine are slightly out, which irritates me and, as I was so careful to be accurate in my marking and my sewing of the tucks, I don't know why this should be. I know it's something to do with me, rather than the pattern, as I have seen others of this dress with perfectly aligned tucks. Would I make this dress again? Probably not, due to the fact that the prospect of making all those markings again makes me want to weep. I did buy some tomato-red double knit for another version, with sleeves, but I can't face it. That said, if you don't mind transferring so many markings, this is a simple dress to make, and very comfy and enjoyable to wear.

(By the way...although the hem looks wonky in the photo, it isn't!)


  1. The hem doesn't look wonky at all! The dress looks great on you -- what an edgy take on a great dress... I've made a green one love that it is so easy to wear.

    on an unrelated note, your kitchen looks amazing.

  2. Thank you!

    I have been looking for your green dress but can't find it. Did you blog it?

    I find I sew more than I blog!

  3. I agree with the poster above your hem looks straight to me. I really like your dress I love the pleat details.

    I have house envy :-)

  4. Alice, thanks for asking! Here's my green dress.

    I haven't been blogging, though I have been sewing... and reading others' blogs! It's always nice to see what others are up to.

  5. Ah, Melissa, I did see your dress before! As soon as I looked at it today I remembered. It's beautiful and fits you properly (mine is really tighter than it should be). I remember reading about your tucks.

    I should have checked your post for the tips you gave, before doing my tucks!

  6. Awesome. I want this dress...and the shoes and the turban and the stockings! Great styling.

  7. Lisa, as you know I have serious sewing machine envy...and my house is actually falling apart, except for the kitchen!!!

    Catherine, thanks! I have hats and turbans in so many colours. I got the turbans from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton. £5 a go!

  8. This is the best rendition of that pattern I've seen. None of the others have made me want (even fleetingly) to make it myself.