Thursday, December 14, 2006

Best Pic I Could Get....

Well, here you are, you lot. The best picture I could get. You know how children never stop moving.

Frankie was saying she didn't understand why so many people are so mad about knitting socks, for several reasons (you know, small needles, you have to knit two of them, etc, etc.) Frankie prefers to knit hats, and if you look at her blog, you'll see she is excellent at doing so. I like knitting socks, but it's hit and miss as to whether they'll fit. I still wear them, though, whether they're like little boats on my feet (the Koigu stranded stitch ones I made), or whether I have to endure them like you would a tourniquet, cutting off the circulation in an alarming manner (the pink lacy ones where I lost the feeling in my finger for a couple of months, due to knitting on 2mm metal needles). So, I'm taking Frankie's lead, and knitting hats for the time being. Having spotted Alice's Shedir, I must knit that. I've never worked from a chart before, unless you count Forecast, which you can't really, as that pattern was so simple to memorise, you didn't really need the tiny chart in the first place. I may not be up to the task, but I've ordered a ball of Rowan Felted Tweed, in Carbon, anyway. You know, hats are relatively quick to knit, there aren't two to be completed every time, and you get to show a hat off to all and sundry, unlike socks. And hats don't get snagged on our dodgy floors in this house. Not like my socks. I only have one handknit pair left unscathed now - the others all have huge holes in the heels, where I caught them on "things".

I did finish my skirt (I forgot to mention it) and am very pleased with it. I just put four huge darts around the waist area, and it did the trick of shaping it enough. As the fabric had a lot of stretch in it, it didn't need a zip - I just slip it on. No photos yet, as I can't get a decent one.


  1. I have the same problem with knitting socks...while others seem to have no problems...or at least none that they tell us. I might have to take up the hat cause myself. There are alot of good ones out there right now. I need to make the pigtail on on Knitty for my niece! Her hair is finally long enough to have nice curly pigtails and it would be so cute!!!

  2. the action shots are the best. this is how you see your lovely creation really being used! I love it!
    you will probably easily memorise the shedir chart as well. in a hat its just many repeats in the round. I LOVE to knit hats, they can be so fun!

  3. Oh no - all that work, only to get them snagged on the floorboards! Bad floor!

    Love that hat.

  4. He is adorable, as usual. The hat looks perfect on him. Does he get excited seeing you knit things for him?

    I don't knit socks...I have one pair that came out great and one that ended up frogged. So I can understand your love of hats! I'm hoping to get into mittens and wristwarmers too.

    Can't wait to see your skirt!

  5. Love the photo ; he looks a little angel and the hat looks great on him.
    Well as someone who as YET to knit socks I can't comment . I have bought yarn but one has eneded as a lacy job and the other is still in my stash waiting but hats I have done and they are a quick gratification and I love that one you are going to do ; its on my 'to do list'

  6. I'm thinking about a hat, but only because I'm cold. Socks are the business! Our wooden floors snag stuff too, so if I'm wearing my handknits I slip a pair of aged cheap anklets over them. Protects the socks and adds insulation, which is valuable in this house.