Friday, December 29, 2006

Orange Socks and Hair to Match

Well, I started Shedir and completed fourteen rows before I realised that it would be too big and that I didn't like the flippy-floppy fabric I was creating. The pattern called for 3.25mm needles but I was using 3.5mm, as I was too impatient to wait for the right size to come in the post, thinking Christmas would delay them. But they arrived the following day (from Kangaroo). I sould have waited but my impulsive, impatient and demanding nature just would not let me. And of course I had to frog all that work and start again. Shedir is the kind of pattern I have to give at least a little of my attention to. For instance, I can't just knit Shedir mindlessly whilst giving Grumpy Old Women/Men the larger part of my attention, which explains why I've still only knitted fourteen rows on the new needles. Instead, I finished the socks I started a month ago, in Lana Grossa Fantasy, colour 4833. At last I have knitted socks that fit perfectly (for a change). Usual top-down formula, 56 sts, on 2.5mm needles. Yeahhh. But will I use the same number of stitches with a cable/lacy pattern and get the same size? I'll let you know.

My hair is now orange. No, really. If it wasn't so unbelievably patchy I wouldn't mind it. On Wednesday I got restless and attacked it with the bleach I'd had sitting around in the cupboard for a year and a half. It would have been okay but I left too much hair at the root area whilst bleaching the lengths, so when I put the bleach on the roots, the centimetre closest to the scalp went blonde but the other two centimetres of "root" didn't have time to get as light as either the nearest centimetre of hair, or the lengths. This means I have orange hair with a brown/orange band near the roots and then blonde roots. Needless to say, it looks really stylish! Lucky for me I have a habit of walking about in a bright pink fully sequinned hat (it's an original Liberty hat but looks like a sparkly swimming cap), which doesn't show any hair. I'll get some more bleach today but have no idea how to go about evening it all up. Maybe I should do all the dark stripes, rinse and then do the whole thing again, once it's a uniform orange. Better be careful. Don't fancy a chemical haircut right now. Not to mention the brain damage bleaching gives you. Watch this space.....

By the way, Kathryn, I haven't forgotten your tag
And also, the orange-hair photo really does make it look better than it is - quite nice, even. Don't be fooled. And I look really shagged out in the hat photo, but that's what comes from having the cold from hell and drinking wine for hours (on Boxing Day). Still avoided a hangover though, as it was more a slow but constant intake, rather than lots at once.
Has anyone any idea how to get an almost-three-year-old to stop shouting out BOLLOCKS all the time? I've tried ignoring it but it hasn't worked and though other people find it funny, I'm way past that now. I swear if he shouts it out in Tesco I will just die on the spot.


  1. Very groovy socks, now if they match your hair that's not all bad is it! Good luck with trying to even up the colour, I have no advice to offer having only ever played with henna. Love the pink sequinned hat too, very chic. Hmmm not sure re small child shouting out undesirable words - does the "naughty step" routine work with a 3 year old? One minute per year of their age I think. It sounds like a bit of attention-seeking really, and at that age they are getting quite vocal anyway. Hope someone has some rather more concrete advice to offer!

  2. I'm glad the socks fit! That's great.

    I hope you can get your hair sorted out. Please be careful! :)

  3. I don't know much about hair bleach, but I'd go to a salon where they can do it for you.
    as far as the 3-year old- mine does most of his misbehaviour to get my attention. put on your deaf ears (tough but a must!) and ignore it. its hard, but the more you ignore, the sooner it will go away. hopefuly you can get people around you to do the same.

  4. *love*love*love your hair. reminds me of breakfast at tiffany's

  5. Nothing like a good Christmas hair disaster! I'd hit a salon, too. Better safe than sorry, and bleach is scary stuff.

    As for bollocks, maybe yell something equally annoying in his face until it ticks him off so badly he stops?

  6. Your pink seqinned hat looks great and I'm sure it would be ok with wisps of orange protruding too.

    I'd go with ignoring for as long as you can but failing that try telling your 3 year old that you really like the way he says bollocks but he must definitely not shout "please" or "chocolate" or whatever... It sometimes works as it is a contrary age. When my grandson was about 3 he developed a disconcerting habit of staring intently at a nearby old person and saying in a loud voice "he's very old isn't he - is he going to die soon?" Fortunately with not perfect diction and not perfect hearing on the part of the old person no feelings were hurt.

  7. I love these Grumpy Old Men/Women shows, it's soooo true what they say! ^v^
    Lovely colours on the sock and I adore your pink hat (not to mention the skirt!). ^^ Please be careful with overdyeing your hair, the bleach can damage them if you do it too soon after the first aplication.

  8. I heard somewhere that ancient Irish warriors used to dye their hair in three colours and the most stylish thing was to have darker roots, bleached length and then the tips dyed red. Could you see yourself as an Iron Age muscleman?

    I'd agree with the going-to-a-salon advice but you could always put henna over the top. I think as long as it is pure henna and not anything added or treated etc, then it doesn't go green. And I like your skirt lots, too.

    Re the bollocks thing, you could always threaten to cut his off, tho' that's probably not considered good childrearing these days.

  9. Oh Alice I am sorry but I did laugh at your 'hair' story as it reminded me so much of some of the things I have done in the past with mine . I even bought a wig once as I had overdyed it and it was falling out !! For the first time in years I am dyeing my own lately as I just could not afford a trip to the hairdresser as my mobile hairdresser has moved away from the area.I hate going to a saloon , am I just a Grumpy old woman ? So glad yours is now sorted . Love these socks also . I can remember Kath riding up the street where we lived shouting Bugger, bugger, bugger to all and sundry (she'll kill me for saying this )and the my son Robert who was about 4 asking very loudly when out shopping what a vagina was , I could have died ; but they do grow out of it and of course the more folks laugh at them the more they will say it. Its the only age they can get away with it and get folk to snigger !!