Monday, April 09, 2012

Breaking the Rules

Thank you to (again) Catherine Daze and Just Skirts and Dresses for awarding me the Leibster Blog award.  These are two of my absolute favourite blogs (and you will understand why) and so I have been very flattered that I should have been chosen by them.  Catherine, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to this.

The rules say that I have to mention the award and link back to the blogger that gave it to me, then award it to five other blogs.  I'm finding it impossible to choose, and at least two of the blogs I would have chosen actually passed it on to me anyway.  So I'm going to break the rules, thank the two blogs that gave me the award and leave it there as I just can't decide on a list.  It's too much for my frazzled brain.  A cop out I know, but it would cause me lack of sleep for weeks and then I would lose my appetite and then end up too skinny to fit in to any of my lovely home-made clothes (as if).  As you can see, it's impossible.
This weekend I have cut out the fabric for my latest project.  Uncharacteristically it's in plain black lawn.  It has huge pockets.  So huge I have posted a pic, above.  Yes, that is the pocket. 
I am about to cook a roast dinner, it being a very rainy bank holiday where I am, so unfortunately the sewing has stopped for now.  Will be back with an update soon.

I hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. That's a pocket? Wow, I'm interested in seeing what it is you're making now. Also, the Vena Cava pattern worked awesomely, thanks for being such an inspiration XD. Its been raining and freezing here as well, looks like winter finally decided to show up but that's good because I've made a dress a day during the last three days!

  2. Aww thanks :-)

    is it that DKNY halter neck dress with the big skirt which is practically all pocket? Sounds interesting, whatever it is!

  3. Perfect Nose...thank you! I'm so pleased your dress worked out. I hope you are going to post a pic. I keep checking your blog, but nothing so far...!

    Catherine, it's actually the pocket for V1248, which could turn out to be brilliant or really terrible and nothing in between! I'm going to look up that DKNY dress you mentioned right now!

  4. I am also intrigued by this mysterious pocket and look forward to an update!