Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vogue 1248 - Throwing Shapes

Finally...the skirt with the HUGE pockets!
This skirt has such a dramatic silhouette, it makes me want to throw weird shapes!
I wasn't sure if I would like Vogue 1248 once it was made up, but I thought I might enjoy the creative process along the way, so it seemed worth the risk.  As it happens, I like it such a lot, and it feels so me, I think if my spirit were suddenly to manifest itself physically in an item of clothing, this could be it!

It's pretty tricky to photograph black inside on a dark and murky, rainy day.  I lightened the top photo a bit but it hasn't really helped.  It's hard to see the details but the skirt has a very deep waistband, which ends at the high hip, and the skirt itself is very gathered, with huge pockets, which are gathered on all four edges.
As you can tell, there was a lot of gathering involved.  I will never again complain about a few centimetres worth of gathering after doing this lot.

There is a long belt, which is sewn in at the side seams and you cross it over at the back and tie it at the front.  It's supposed to have "shirt-sleeve cuffs" at the ends but I was too lazy to do them, and I thought they may not show in black anyway.  Not enough to make it worth the extra effort.
This skirt is made in simple black lawn with a black muslin lining.  Both the shell and lining are finished with a narrow hem.
I know I will wear this skirt a lot.  I would love a black, taffeta version but that would have to be saved for best and then I would never wear it because I never go out, because I am always at home sewing or cooking  and stuff!  Helping with know.
Edited to add these photos (click to see them larger):
P4299708 P4299710


  1. That is a fabulous skirt! Really impressed that you made it.

  2. Love it! Its clearer in the pic with the blue top but clearest in the pics where you've laid it flat. It looks like a lot of work and the finishing is very high end. Great job!

  3. Wow! Lovely skirt. I want one!

  4. It is a lovely skirt and looks so elegant. I think I'd look elephantine in it though.

  5. I love the drama! It would be great in taffeta, imagine the rustling.