Thursday, April 12, 2012

McCalls M6083

Thinking this "playsuit" was a bit of gamble (due to the trouser bit of it - though hardly fitted - and also because I thought I might look totally mutton - as in old, not deaf*/** - in a playsuit), I made up a muslin first.  No need to have worried!  This is a fab little pattern, which I first saw at The Mahogany Stylist (I really like so much of her stuff).  From cutting out the pattern to actually taking the photos took an afternoon.  It does say this pattern is suitable for beginners on the envelope, and I can see was lovely and straightforward to make.  And the trouser bit is perfect.  And I don't think you have to be a whippersnapper to wear it.  Made in a suitable fabric, it's quite dignified (but then, who cares...?)
Others have said that the bodice comes up way short on this pattern.  Boy, were they right!  My catch-phrase seems to be "I'm only 5ft 2", and now I find myself saying it again: I am only 5ft 2, yet I had to add a centimetre to the bodice length.  I could have added more but if I had the usual bodice length for me, the crossover front would gape too much (usually I shorten the bodice on patterns, though).  That has to be kept in mind.  As it is, I can just about squeeze this on over my shoulders (from the bottom, step into it of course).  The shorts are pretty short, too.  I didn't make them any shorter than the pattern suggested (and I'm only 5ft 2, as you know!  Hehe!)
I really do think this pattern would suit lots of people.  I would really like to make this up again, but in a longer version I could wear all year round.  Mid-calf length, perhaps.  I would make it in a floatier cotton maybe.  The cotton I used for this version is a thicker cotton than my beloved Liberty lawn.  I had this in my stash for years and I'm so glad I found the perfect pattern for it.

Roll on warmer weather!

*Mutt'n'Jeff means "deaf" in cockney rhyming slang
** Funny thing is, I do have hearing aids in both ears, as I only have 20% of what I should have in some tones.

By the way, the large-pocketed dress is postponed for a few days, as I realised I wanted muslin for the lining, and black interfacing, so I had to order them online.


  1. The jumpsuit looks fabulous on you.

  2. Such a cute playsuit!! You look fantastic.

  3. You look taller than 5'2" - same height as me! Great jumpsuit - and just fabulous shoes.

  4. Sheila, Suzy, Gail and Catherine...thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate them.

    Gail, I didn't realise you are the same height as me. As my mum always says, all good things come in small packages!

  5. You look very stylish! I've been catching up on your blog. I totally love all the things you've been sewing!

  6. Kendra!!! I mean, Sarah!!! I knew it was you as soon as I read your comment. Oh, good grief, that took me back! Those were the blog days all right...

    I looked at your blog and I can't believe that since I turned my back for what seems like a few months, you have had not one child, but two! Congratulations! Very cute.

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comments.

  7. I love your jumpsuit! The fabric gives it retro vibe. If you can beleive it, you're not that small, I am 5'1 (1 m 55). It's a pain for hemming but great for fabric saving!

    1. Thank you Pauline! I thought the fabric was a bit retro, too.

      Ah, so you are even shorter than I am! But only by one inch. I agree it saves on fabric, which is a good point!