Friday, April 20, 2012

Ella Shawl

P4209573 Before this blog was a mostly sewing blog, it was a mostly knitting blog. I used to knit all the time. Really all the time. Until, suddenly, somehow, I was sewing all the time instead, and only picking up my knitting needles on the odd occasion (I mean about twice a year!)
My old knitting basket sits in the corner of the sitting room still, next to the logs. It's full of unfinished things. There is one thing I pick up from time to time, and that is a one-sixth finished olive green lace shawl. It has been on those needles at least a year and a half. It gathers dust mostly.

 The other day I actually had a bit of a rummage in the basket and brought out a shawl I had honestly completely forgotten knitting (I still only remember choosing the yarn - it was years ago...I really don't remember knitting the shawl at all). The poor thing was fully complete, except for all the ends I hadn't sewn in. I still can't believe I had gone to all the effort of knitting something like this, only to leave it festering away somewhere just because I really am far too lazy to sew in a few ends.
Sewing in the ends took no longer than ten minutes. I am ashamed of myself.

Anyway, I gave the shawl a really brutal "stretch and steam" today instead of blocking it properly (I am too lazy), and the stitches opened out beautifully, and instead of being a seething, bobbly mass, the shawl is now at least three times its starting size, and the drape is wonderful.  I will find this useful on summer nights outside, when the air turns cool.

 Now I just have to finish the Kidsilk Haze Navy Cardigan I started, and all the socks, too. Oh, and the olive shawl. Thanks, Sarah, for reminding me how much I used to enjoy my knitting!  I am going to take it up again in the evenings (I don't sew in the evenings).

I just picked up the shawl on a whim this morning and, as I hadn't planned to do this today, I just took photos in what I was already wearing.  Look!  I'm wearing my Vintage Vogue V2859!  Fab shirt - great with jeans.

Pattern: Ella
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport something or other (sorry, too long ago)

 (The skirt with the big pockets was coming along nicely, by the way, until this week, when it stopped, as I had to spend the whole week doing our company invoicing, and it took up all my time. Back on the skirt soon).


  1. How pretty! I am always a little cross that my mother never taught me to knit when I see great knitting. Just love it.

  2. Oh it's beautiful! What a great lace pattern. Wish I could still knit when I see things like this.

  3. That's beautiful (against the light and when worn) I really want a knitting machine now... XD

  4. Wow, this is absolutely stunning!
    It is so nice that you have rediscovered it, since it is completely wonderful and now you can enjoy all that work you put in.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my skirt :)

  5. Thank you everyone, for your comments.

    And Carolyn, you are welcome - I like your sewing choices.

  6. I forgot to say, Gail and Catherine: it's not too late. There is nothing difficult about actually knitting the lace stitches. That's the easy bit...pretty straightforward, just different combos of the same old stitches!! the difficult thing, I find, is knitting garments that actually fit me (apart from socks).

    So, go on, try knitting some lace!

    And Perfect Nose: I didn't even know knitting machines were still sold! hehe.