Sunday, May 14, 2006

Do Not Laugh......

You know I said Ella 2 was so much easier than the first Ella, due to it being the second time round and all that? Well, I finished Ella 2 today, only to find that, somehow on the right extension (the first bit you knit after dividing the triangular bit in the middle) I knitted a whole pattern repeat too many. You would think the number of rows needed for a complete Ella would be enough, wouldn't you? But no - I had to do about 20 extra rows (which is a lot). And the thing that really gets me is that whilst knitting the part where I went wrong, I was dying to get to the next part (the decrease rows) the whole time. How did I manage it? I just don't know. I write each row down as I complete it. I'm at a loss as to how this happened. So the upshot is that one "arm" is longer than the other, but I don't think anyone will notice. This Ella is huge compared to the other one, as I intentionally knitted it with a much looser tension and this time I enlisted the help of OH to stretch it out while I ironed it to death, after spraying it to death with water first, of course. I'm over the hating-it-because-it's-not-perfect thing and suddenly feel quite protective towards it - like I'd wrestle someone to the ground if they accused it of not being perfect enough, or even eyed it in a certain way. I'm happy with it and I know I'll use it. Crikey, excuse how wiped out I look in the next photo - that's what knitting is doing to me. I'm bloody knackered.

I said I might attempt an actual garment next. With much trepidation I'm about to cast on for Celandine, a sleeveless pullover (or tank) from the Louisa Harding "The Design Collection" book. Can't show you a picture, as I forgot to take a photo and my stupid computer is really playing up, so everything's taking ages to do (getting a new one next week - yeahhhh). But the yarn below is what I've chosen for it - Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. So flipping fragile it snaps if you pull it a bit too hard. Obviously I wouldn't expect to put it under that kind of tension whilst knitting normally, although under stressful circumstances, who knows how tight my tension may get? My nose is already quite irritated just from swatching, this could be an uncomfortable experience, due to the "bits" flying everywhere, but it's so soft. Just right for a Princess who can detect a "pea" within a 100 mile radius.

And look - to give myself lots of peace and quiet whilst knitting my garment, see below Charles at home in his new environment. Just got him a nice little puppy cage, chucked him in with a couple of toys and Bob's your uncle. He's quite at home. Great.

Okay, please put the phone back on its holder right now this minute. The cage is really in preparation for my sister's new puppy and Charlie's cousins are the ones resonsible for this abomination. The thing is, Charlie was so happy in the cage, he cried when I said he had to come out, and begged to go back in. Maybe it's not such a bad idea......

It's 11pm and I obviously have to go and drink some red wine.

PS I know Ella really doesn't go with that outfit. Wouldn't want you to think I'd spent hours choosing the right clothes......


  1. ella looks cozy and light, with lovely colors. what more can one ask from a shawl?

  2. Whoa.. I can't believe you've already made ANOTHER Ella! Jealous doesn't even begin to describe my feelings! *grin*

    It looks great.. don't ever tell anyone the mistakes you make when knitting something cause they usually don't ever show up!! It looks FREAT! I'm inspired.... now why do I hae to be at dumb work when I could be home spinning?????

  3. Wow, that was fast! Ella 2 looks lovely, luscious colours. The LH yarn looks fab too.

    I am ROFL at Charlie in his "cage"! Bless him.

  4. I have had to put Ella on my list now I've seen yours. They're delicious, both of them.

    Hehe, babes love cages don't they? Like cats and boxes ;)