Thursday, May 11, 2006

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

The above yarn is the Jawoll Cotton Superwash, which was about £3.00 on eBay - bargain! I want to make the Giotto socks, on My Fashionable Life. I was looking for something really quite open, to go with Spring shoes, and these socks are so pretty. The only thing is, Anna used a Magic Loop and I can't figure out where I can buy one in the UK. Anyone know? I could try converting the pattern to dpns but would rather not. Why on earth am I knitting more socks? Heaven knows, because I'm not sure I enjoy it. They might be small, but they're a bit of a pain. Although when I've finished a pair, I do get a great feeling of satisfaction. This is mingled with relief and is very different from the feeling I had when I finished Ella the first. I was quite at a loss, as I enjoyed the process so much.

I ordered the pattern books below from Laughing Hens (or is it The Laughing Hen?). Anyway, they must have travelled by space shuttle, as they were here almost as soon as I'd entered my payment details! And the inner wrapping was the most beautiful blue tissue paper, wrapped just like a lovely present - very impressive.

I wanted to find a pattern for a little something for Charlie Townes. Why is it so difficult to find lovely patterns for little boys? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Or is it because boys' clothes aren't as pretty as girls', so the designers can't be bothered? I like a couple of the patterns in the Little Treasures book, but one of them involves working from charts (got to do it sometime), and the other looks a bit tricky. The patterns in the Classic Home book are lovely, but a fair few involve fairisle or intarsia and lots of different colours. I loved the look of a beautiful, cosy-looking fairisle blanket, actually - but then I estimated it would cost over£100 to make. Too much...... There are some gorgeous hot-water bottle covers in there (I'm still using mine and will do until the nights are warmer-don't snigger too much) I might try one of those. Won't be trying the matching bedsocks, I do draw the line at those, you'll be pleased to hear!

These photos are of the apple tree I mentioned before, as it's seen from the landing window, and the view to the left and right. It's lovely to look out at this - Charlie Townes' bedroom looks out over this, too. It almost makes up for the fact that we have quite a busy road running along the front of the house. Oh, well, must go and do some Ella 2. Just started to decrease the right side, still got the left to do.


  1. I am also always on the lookout for boys stuff. some of the older Rowan magz have a variety of kids patterns.
    and some Annabella Fox.
    BTW- for the bumpy feeling on the bottom of the foot from the socks- my friend who is a reflexologist had made seed st at the sole. the bumps are supposed to invigorate your system from the feet up.

  2. What a lovely picture. Nice to have cotton to knit as summer approaches. I haven't bought any yarn on ebay yet, though I did get a bag of old knitting needles there which has served me very well, and now the polystyrene head.
    In How to Knit by Debbie Bliss there are a few patterns for little boys' things including this,
    and this.
    I can't find Classic Home at Laughing Hens - perhaps they've run out. There are some lovely books there though aren't there - my first visit.
    That apple tree looks beautiful.

  3. the kids book

  4. It's so lovely to be surrounded by trees like that :-)

    There do seem to be fewer patterns designed for boys, seems a shame especially when they are babies or toddlers.

    I've just read Frankie's comment re obtaining a polystyrene head-form on ebay, I so want one of those! Off to have a gander ...

  5. This link should help with the magic loop! It is REALLY useful.

    It looks so pretty in your photos. Lucky you.

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments on the Knittin' Kitten. I'm happy that my bag has inspired you, with your esp-yarn. Your own blog is very attractive. Happy knits!

  7. Magic Loop is on sale at GetKnitted. Sorry to be brisk, I have to get off the pc, lol.

  8. What a donkey I am (no offence intended) but I thought it was just the booklet on GK! I did think that was a bit odd, I must admit. Thanks

  9. Yum - butternut squash!
    So agree about boys clothes - knitted and in general. My DS is now 16 and a very snazzy dresser, but I have to make a lot of what he wears as he can't find interesting stuff. When he was younger it was really difficult. I notice fabric pattern makers have near enough given up on males too! Time for the return of the Dandy I think!

  10. I came back :) You could be right and I could very well be the donkey, hehe. Or heehaw in fact. It does look like it's just the booklet. I'll get me coat.

  11. This will teach me to interfere when in a hurry. So, apparently you use a circular needle. I know nothing. There is no special loop needle, only a booklet which tells you how to use your circular needle. Ooh, I'm so embarrassed and really sorry :)

  12. Well, Nanatoo, imagine how I feel. I've been searching for a magic bloomin' loop for ages. How silly!

    And Cherry Rolfe, the return of the dandy is a good idea. Most of us are so conservative in our appearance (I've never let that hinder me). Why should anyone be judged for the way they dress? I think that's what stops people from being more individual, especially some men. Did you see that Russell bloke on Jonny Ross last night? I feel he was taking the dandy thing to the limit, almost!

  13. Hello Alice,

    Lovely trees you have. As a hayfever sufferer I hope you don't have allergies, lol... I personally love spring the most, when everything comes alive again and flowers start growing.

    I agree completely about boys' clothing and patterns. With Jamie being so little I'm okay so far but I notice more and more when I'm shopping for Maddie that girls clothing/patterns are so much more prevelent! I also find myself more interested in texture with the patterns I see for the boys and more about color for Mads. (No big bird sweaters for Jamie!)

    i think we'll definetly have to encourage the return of the dandy!