Sunday, May 07, 2006

What is it With Me and Socks?

Okay, let me say first that the tops of these socks are supposed to roll down. No, it's not a mistake! But the socks aren't meant to be quite this short. I did less rows on the cuff than the pattern said, but I forgot to allow for the roll-down bit, so they're shorter than I intended. This means that, front-on, my ankles look so ridiculously skinny, it's, well, ridiculous. I keep looking at the socks and wondering if I can be bothered to pick up stitches around the top and knit some more, but I think I've decided not to, and to put it down to experience.

The other thing is, they feel a bit rough to walk on - why? Home-knitted socks are meant to be really comfy. This is the first pair I've knitted for myself and now I'm wondering if my mum and Charles (eager sock recipients/utilisers) are only pretending that their socks are comfy. Maybe next time I'll knit the sole with the stocking-stitch on the wrong side, so that the foot is in contact with the smooth bit. Has anyone else had this problem?

On the plus side, I have some Jawoll cotton (is that the name?) coming (more socks) and some Lorna's Laces Watercolour arrived on Saturday morning, for an Ella 2, which I cast-on for about 1 minute after the postman arrived. I now have quite a lot of section 2 done. Would have done more but I settled down to watch a film last night, with OH (me wrapped in Ella1). We used to watch films all the time - we have hundreds, as the OH is a film buff (and not your average Hollywood blockbuster). Last night's film was fantastic, a Korean film called "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", and if you like baroque music, watch it just for the soundtrack (honestly). I won't attempt a review, as it's not a strong-point of mine, but this film is haunting in a disturbing yet beautiful way. Catch it if you can. It's available on CD Wow at a good price. See you later.......


  1. sock comfort depends on type and weight of yarn and size of needles. to make it as smooth as possible, some people knit with us000, and hair like yarn. I use my thicker socks at home, they are also too thick for the shoesanyway.

  2. I must say that, having heard so many people raving about Koigu, I was surprised to find it quite hard, almost string-like, although the colours are so rich and it does have a lovely sheen to it. I might try the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport for socks next (as opposed to Ella), as it really feels soft in my hands.

  3. Sorry to hear the socks are not comfy because they look absolutely wonderful to me. I really like the length too.

  4. The tigher your gauge, the smoother the inside of the sock will be. If it is still too rough for your preference, nothing says that you can't knit the sole of the sock in reverse stockinette. Generally, when I knit socks, I use at most a size US1 needle, even is the ball band calls for a 2 or 3.