Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Right - I've got to type quickly, before my pc throws another fit and stops me.

Finished Celandine, photos above (sorry you have to see all the rubbish in my house. I'd normally cut it out of the photo but pc wouldn't let me today). Remember I said I was having trouble getting the correct tension? I never did get the 22 sts the pattern required - the closest I could get was 24 (per 10cm). According to my rusty brain, that means the top should have come out slightly smaller. Well, I don't know what Louisa Harding was thinking when she designed this top, but it's huge. I knitted the second size up (34) and it's like a tent. OH (always tactful) said it looks like a top my Granny would have knitted. And now he's calling me Frank Spencer (you know, the knitted tank-top). He did say it was lovely and quite an achievement (not in a patronising way) but that it just didn't flatter me. Well, I think that's the understatement of the year so far. Sack and potatoes spring to mind.........But, never one to refuse a challenge, I jumped right to it and ordered some matching Kimono Ribbon and threaded it in three bands around the bust area and it pulled the whole thing in. I quite like it now. OH said he's willing to be converted but he's still not keen at this present moment in time. But that's tough titties, as I will wear it when I want. Going back to the tension thing, though, I really felt from the beginning that the tension required created a fabric that was just too flimsy and insubstantial - and I was right. But I've learnt from this.
Oh, and by the way, I think I'm not allergic to angora, but the bits were irritating my nose as they flew off when I was knitting.

Anyway, here is my Odessa. I got the beads from Robin's Beads on eBay. Great service. I'm really pleased with this hat and am making another exactly the same for my lovely sister, as she liked mine so much. It's the first time I've knitted with beads and I think it's only a couple more steps to complete addiction. The beads appeal to me in their jewel-like, glittery way. These ones are called Woodland Mix (japanese) and the yarn used was RYC Cashsoft DK in Lime.

Just started a pair of kind-of-lace socks in that blue cotton I bought, and a scarf in the rest of the Kimono Ribbon. Well, I couldn't just leave it sat there in all its glossy beauty. The scarf won't be breaking any new ground - it's just plain knitting. Just some flim-flam to go with a summer outfit. Gotta go.

Must remember to tell you about my depressing trip to John Lewis Milton Keynes on Sunday.


  1. The ribbon is genius, looks lovely and solves a problem too. This isn't the first complaint I've seen about patterns that knit up huge, Debbie Bliss patterns often seem to get bad press especially the baby sizes.

    Love your Odessa, the beads are gorgeous. Great idea to use multicoloured ones (mking a note of the ebay seller, I already have plenty 'o bead merchants in my sellers list!).

  2. the Odessa sparkles! its great. beads do add pizzazz !

  3. I think you can uncross your fingers now - good job!!!!!
    Love the beads on Odessa - brilliance.
    Can't wait to hear about John Lewis. In another life I lived in Hoddesdon, and getting a 'partnership' card for JL in Milton Keynes made me feel like a real grown-up. Sadly it was, and still is, just an illusion!

  4. Love the ribbon and the colors are really pretty. I take it knitting the angora didn't bother your nose enough not to knit it?;)

  5. The ribbon was a great idea, it really seems to make the top work.

    The hat looks great too. Is that the same one Dreamcatcher has been knitting? I will go and have a look...

  6. I love that hat! And the top looks great too. To me it's more satifying to customise a pattern than to follow it exactly - even if it's a bit more risky. In this case your instincts were obviously right.