Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm hardly posting anything at present, as my computer is on its "last legs" and will rarely work properly and certainly won't let me do anything at all with photos. The annoying thing is I have a sparkling new one just sat in the hall, waiting. OH and I don't know how to set the thing up - it has to be networked with his pc in his office. Poops.

Anyway, I have Celandine almost finished except for a couple of seams and Odessa is finished, too. Will post photos asap.

But watch out, I'm still keeping an eye on you all.


  1. That sounds annoying. Still, perhaps it leaves you a bit more time for knitting and taking pictures to show us later...

  2. yes, I'm very interested to see the angora (celadine?) one all done...

  3. After most of 2005 was given over to PC problems, my heart is with you!

  4. Sympathy re the PC problems, it's awful when they won't work properly. Re setting up the new one, do you have an existing hub/router to connect it into or do you have to set up a network from scratch? If the former it should just plug in and go really (or just work if it's wireless!).

    Can't wait to see your Odessa.