Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Quite Stash......

Not quite stash because, lately, nothing hangs around long enough to qualify as stash. Remember the jumper I said I might start? The Louisa Harding one? Well, forget that. On Saturday morning the Lorna's Laces in Watercolour arrived and I'd cast on for Ella 2 just as Postie got to the garden gate (he actually said "more goodies for you", when he handed it over, which made me feel slightly ashamed). The two skeins above are all that are left of the four, so far. The other one, in the middle, is the Debbie Bliss Maya, which is more greeny than I expected, but - oh, it's lovely! You should just see it and feel it. It's so real. You're probably wondering what that means but I can't explain it. It's really thick and firm, but soft and there's something old and then again something so new about it. Weird. Can't wait to use it up. That's another thing - I want to do the Rollin' Beret but the needles I ordered over a week ago still haven't arrived. The two pieces of fabric the yarn is sitting on are Kaffe Fassett, Rowan Fabrics. I got them from Wee Mouse Quilting (great company) on eBay to make two Pointy Kitties. I've never been a cuddly toy kind of gal but these Pointy Kitties are cool.

So, I'm finding Ella so easy this time round, I haven't had one mistake or misunderstanding so far. I could almost do it with my eyes closed. And I'm keeping the tension really loose - I can tell because I'm using up more yarn this time. Can't wait to finish it as I reach for the other Ella all the time. so I know I'll use it a lot. Must go and get on with it. Tonight I make chow mein for dinner and it involves lots of preparing, not to mention bathing Charles first and a hundred other things.


  1. Hi there,
    I might have already asked you, because I'm gonna make an Ella shawl if it kills me... but do you know approximately how much yardage it took you for the first one.. or any idea on how much it will take for the second?

    They both look AWESOME!

  2. Thanks! Yes, in the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, (which is 200yds/70g, and 6st = 1" on #4 needles) and with me using 6mm needles, I used 3 and a half on the first one (700yds) and on the second one it will be about the whole 800 yds, due to the gauge being looser - phew! Hope that helps! Some people have made Ella in a triangle shape (not as per the pattern) but I would really recommend following the pattern, as the shape and convenience of the shawl owes much to the division of the centre and the left and right extensions!!

  3. the new ella colors are so lovely! the stash is very appealing! I have been shying away from lace, but it looks like I might have to bite the bullet and try some if I want to call myself a knitter....

  4. I bet you're having lots of fun with Ella 2. I find knitting things is even more fun the second time round.
    The Maya looks absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I'm going to pretend I haven't seen the Lorna's Laces yarn because it's gorgeous and I want some :-D Ella 2 is looking fab. Definitely on my future projects list.

  6. My god! You always seem to have bought such nice stuff every time I look at your posts! Your second Ella looks great and you've knitted so much so quickly. I'm about to start a lace project and I'm feeling a bit daunted!