Monday, April 17, 2006

Alice's Fashionable Life......!

I haven't done much knitting over the Easter break, even so, I've completed 84 rows of Ella (with about 500 more to go!). It's been plain sailing, mostly, or it was until I had to unknit some stitches and got confused and completely messed up. After ages and ages of trying to work out where I'd gone wrong with the unknitting (involving a combination of YO2's skp and k2tog), I resigned myself to the fact that I'd just have to put up with a couple of errors and hope nobody else would ever notice. Usually this would not be an option, but I couldn't figure out how to put it right and starting again was out of the question. And I couldn't just carry on knitting without having the correct number of stitches, and in the right places (hope you're following me). So I managed to sort it out and now I'm motoring along again. Of course, progress will seem much slower, as the rows get longer. Please let me finish this before mid-summer - Ella would have been perfect for cold spring evenings. I'm concerned that I may go back to my old ways (of getting bored and never finishing a project. One of them was a course that cost me £800 but we try not to mention that in this house).

On the bright side, I recently found out that knitting is very "in" right now. Okay, I know you all knew that, but I didn't until some 24yr old whippersnapper informed me. My Other Half runs his own record label and we went to the Institute of Contemporary Arts on The Mall, to see one of his acts -
Sweet Billy Pilgrim (fantastic, beautiful, haunting music). I'd forgotten there are so many frighteningly trendy people out there. I mean, I kind of used to be one of them (sort of, well, back in the early 80's anyway. Won't frighten you with the details). However, even now it's not as if I'm a tracky bottoms/shell-suit sort of person, or even jeans and fleece (yuk). I do make an effort every day, even just in the house, but these people, terminally trendy. So I was standing there chatting to this guy (not even a female) and telling him that I spend a lot of time knitting and I'm thinking, oh he must think I'm a dinosaur and he says, Oh no - knitting is really fashionable. It's really hip. And I was kind of pleased with myself for being really trendy without even trying. Ha ha...........! Good job I wasn't wearing Ella.
PS The photo is of the boys, working in the garden while I knit. Just how it should be.

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  1. Wow, it's a beautiful pattern. But no work-in-progress shot? As a learner knitter I've found that every frustrating, messy struggle teaches you some new skill for next time. It seems such a waste to knit only one of everything when the second and third would be so much easier to get right...
    Thanks for the tip about moving pictures around the blog - it worked.