Monday, April 24, 2006

How Does One Know if One is Becoming Crazy?

Well, to be more specific, how would I know if I was going crazy, or if my brain was just a bit worn out and run down? I suppose if I was really losing my mind I might go to the supermarket with my knickers worn on the outside, or I might start singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at the top of my voice, in the public library. I don't do either of those, but is this the run-up to it? There is enough evidence to have the men-in-white-coats put me under surveillance, just in case I'm a danger to the public: The other night I actually asked the cat to go to Nick's office (upstairs) and let him know the dinner was ready. This was not the kind of incident where I mistook the cat for a real person, due to having seen him moving about at the corner of my vision. I really asked the cat; I keep messing up my stitch-counts, as every time I count, I miss out the number 10 (this has been happening for a while); recently I asked Nick, "is this called a kiwi-fruit?" (we always have kiwis in the bowl, so this is as terrible as not remembering the word for an apple); and many other facts but because of my madness, I can't remember them. But one stands out above all the others - THIS:

Yep, I am responsible for knitting this thing. And now, every time my friends see me wearing it, they say, baaaah. It does look remarkably like a sheep's fleece, but in pale purple, cream and pale blue. It came about because at the time I received the yarn (adriafil set) I'd just finished knitting the blossom shrug and thought "now, this would make a lovely little shrug". So I just cut down the number of stitches in the blossom pattern and went straight ahead, same size needles and everything. Because the needles were really too small for the yarn (matter of opinion-not science), the fabric was very dense and heavy. You can see how bulky it is in the photo. Despite this, I do quite like it. I fear it would look better on a skinny person, as people would see they were skinny and realise that their arms weren't really that chunky. I'm thinking that this baaah shrug might be just the thing to wear with my jeans. Oh, and a nice little frilly pair of pants over the top......baaaah!


  1. "....baaaah!" you crack me up. I was laughing out load when I read your post.
    there are those projects that we love but are not understood by others... they call me the Big Bird when I wear this:

  2. Hmmm, you do sound a bit distracted. (Though is there anyone who can concentrate long enough to count more than 100 stitches?)

  3. Big Bird! I can't get the photo to work - drat!

  4. big bird again