Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Belt Up!

Look what the postman brought this morning..........Some Noro Daria Multi in #15.

The photos really don't show this off to its best advantage. It has a lovely sheen to it, as it's quite light-reflective - it's quite like a sort of elastic satin in appearance, although of course it's neither. I had a pretty tough time winding this into balls as it got quite tangled, due to the way Noro seem to wind their skeins (must be, I don't have trouble with anything else, but I did have with the Noro Blossom as well). When I say tangled, I don't mean knotted, as this isn't the type of yarn to knot - it's too slippery for that. In fact, the ball wants to unwind itself all the time, so I've placed it in the fruit bowl while I knit. If it's allowed any freedom, it'll most likely unravel itself all over the floor, so I'm keeping it contained. However I'm really enjoying knitting with Daria Multi - it feels very firm and makes such lovely defined stitches (of course it does, it's a cord...) but there's no splitting the yarn, and I know just exactly where every stitch is!

It's not an ambitious project (it's a quick-knit-fix between my other projects) - it's a belt and the stitch is linen stitch:

Start with odd number of stitches (I have 19, on 5mm needles)

Row 1(RS): K1* Sl1 wyif, K1 repeat from *

Row 2: K1,P1*Sl wyib, P1 repeat from * to end, K1

This belt is about 9cm in width and I'm hoping 2 skeins will be enough. It'll be gorgeous with a fab buckle to finish it off. Will post photos.

Looking forward to spending the evening watching The Apprentice and then a Roy Harper concert on DVD (he's so fab) and knitting my belt. Fabaroony! (Tape Grand Designs, my fave TV prog).

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