Thursday, April 20, 2006

Never Mind the B***cks

Every couple of months we have to take Charlie Townes to the eye hospital, as he has a problem with a floating membrane behind one eye - it was there from birth. We're not sure how it affects his sight, but he seems to see everything and is a very happy child so we're not overly worried about it. We won't know how it's affecting him until he can tell us - he's just a bit over two, so there's a while
to go yet. Anyway, we were sitting in the waiting room this morning and I suddenly said to the Other Half that, as we had to wait another half an hour for some eye-drops to take effect, it was a pity I hadn't thought to bring my knitting - so drat and double drat. The OH was absolutely stunned - the incredulous look, no, I mean scared/worried look said it all. Surely, not in public.......?! he said. Well, I was surprised at that. Previous barely-disguised digs had not gone completely unnoticed (knitting is not for sexy women, only grannies wearing support-tights and hearing-aids, sort of thing/this is taking up quite a lot of your time, sort of thing/costing a lot of money, sort of thing). And like a movie in my mind I saw all the missed possibilities, all the waiting we would ever have to do, and how many missed knitting opportunities? And then I noticed our cute two-year-old son's quite uncensored T-shirt, the one OH put on him for the hospital visit. There it is in the photo - in case you can't read it, it says NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS. Makes you wonder, really.............

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  1. Knitting not sexy? That is crazy talk. I would go crazy if I didn't knit every day on my long train journey into London. I think that you should definitely make use of all that valuable knitting time!