Sunday, April 30, 2006

Knitting Slows Down Your Biological Clock....

and we're not talking about having babies! All our lives, from the moment we are born, our biological clocks are ticking, counting down to that moment when, pooofff-we are no more. What if we could slow down these ratbag clocks? Well, according to good old Deepak Chopra, we can! Our bodies and their biological functions respond to the experience of time. We have our own personal biological clocks, which respond to our personal experience of time. And the experience of the passing of time is subjective - if we are always in a hurry, time speeds up, if we feel we have all the time in the world, time slows down. BUT during times when we enter into the gap between thoughts (usually when we're doing something we are really engaging in, ie. knitting) time stops (biologically). Time is a subjective experience in consciousness and that subjective experience translates into a biological experience in the body. Phew! Did you ever need a better reason to get those needles clicking? It will help keep you young and add years to your life.

So, to ensure that I'm really slowing the old bio-clock down, I've started another project - koigu socks. The stitch pattern is from this and I used Sensational Knitted Socks for the sizing etc.. I originally started knitting the sock straight from the Knitty pattern, although I was suspicious about the meagre amount of stitches to cast on. Turns out I was right. Got as far as turning the heel and nearly cut my blood-supply off trying to get it on. Had to start again. Good grief. So instead of 44 sts, I've cast on 112 and then k2tog all the way round, making 56 sts, for a lovely stretchy cast-on. Probably wear them with mules in the summer. I'll obviously get away with it as I'll only be about fourteen years old by then......


  1. I love your thoughts about time/knitting. The "zone" or "alpha state" as in meditation and massage and acupuncture and Knitting!! It does change heart rate/ blood pressure/ stress reduction!!
    And to show off the socks at my knitting event, I am wearing my clogs today.....

  2. It's a pleasing thought and justifies attempting more complex patterns -- like that lovely shawl! Good luck with the socks... I haven't tried socks properly yet, but I've got some yarn ready for the moment I have sufficient courage. I like the idea of colourful feet!

  3. Love the yarn. I hope the socks go well.
    Not sure whether knitting always has a restful effect on me - sometimes I feel quite driven!