Friday, April 21, 2006

Ella Has Taken Over the Asylum

Look how much larger Ella is since last you saw her! I've got as far as ten rows in on the right extension Rows. So it's about half way done, I think. I've been giving her quite a bit of attention, but not too much, as I'm still working on the Noro Daria belt and (yes) socks for the Other Half. Those socks are killing me, but that's another story (such tiny needles and 100 rows just on the leg bit). And I've still got the other one to do. Lucky I can't wait for him to feel just how gorgeous hand-knitted socks are. Do you know, the number of people that have actually said to me, "oh, how much did you say sock yarn costs? And how long do they take to knit? Good grief, didn't you know you can get 3 pairs for a fiver at Tesco?". "Well", I grimace in reply, "that's hardly the point". These must be the people Oscar Wilde (I think it was Oscar who said that) is referring to when he says they know the price of everything and the value of nothing. But this has turned into a post all about socks, which wasn't my intention. Here's a photo to prove this sock exists. One day I will write a post about how much I love heels knitted in heel stitch, oh that lovely firm fabric.............

So, back to Ella: I came across a blog where the writer laments that, despite aggresive blocking, her Ella still has curly edges- being a new knitter, I'm actually quite pleased with myself for realising the following: the problem could have been avoided in the first place. On the first few rows of my Ella, I noticed that, no matter how much I stretched it out, the edge would not be able to stretch enough to keep up with the much stretchier inner stitches, so no matter how much blocking I do, those initial rows will have curling edges (drat). To eradicate this problem for the remainder of the shawl, I've kept my tension much looser on the first and last few stitches of every row. And YIPPEE, it stretches out perfectly flat. Drat again - I'm going to have to knit another one when I've finished this - a nice new lovely perfect one. But don't worry, I will still love my special first and best Ella, the one with the fancy curling bottom!


  1. It's a lovely blog Alice. I'm sure it will become very popular soon. (I was here first!) Have you worked out how to get an rss link?
    The shawl looks gorgeous, so does the fruit. And I'm very impressed with your sock skills. I bought some sock yarn and needles and haven't got beyond the casting on row yet. Now I've bought a circular needle and some bigger dpns so I can practice knitting in the round a bit before I tackle those teeny needles.
    Talking of negotiating the place of knitting in relationships, a friend told me of a work collegue who comes into work early so she can knit in peace. They had to build a loft extension in their house to house her woollies and wool, and her husband is so anti-knitting now she has to buy her wool in cash and smuggle it into the house. I knit everywhere - bus, tube, train. People have often struck up conversations about it - usually about the important people in their lives who knitted, and how much they'd like to do it themselves.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Frankie. I feel sorry for your friend - luckily for me Nick is nothing like that. And I've had so many hobbies I gave up very soon after starting, he thinks this will go the same way. But it won't - ha ha! And I'm going to knit wherever I jolly well like - brave words indeed. Re the sock thing - have you noticed the link on my sidebar? I found it very helpful when I started a few weeks ago - you might find it helpful too. Good luck!

  3. rss (I think it stands for Really Simple Sindication) is a live bookmark to someone's site. So from my browser's list of Favourites or Bookmarks I can see whether you have updated your site and go straight to the latest posting. Not sure how you get it in Internet Explorer but I use Firefox, and on the right hand end of the address bar is a little orange icon. If I click it I can get an rss link to that site if it does rss feeds - and blogger does.
    (I've put my email address on my profile now if you'd rather keep this techie stuff off your blog! And I won't be at all offended if you delete this comment!)