Monday, April 10, 2006

All Yarn and No Pattern, and It's Got Me Thinking, Man..........

It's not that I don't know what to do with this beautiful Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. It's not that I bought it just because it was gorgeous, or I was bored, or there was a huge yarn-shaped gap in my soul (athough sometimes it feels that way). No, I really did buy this with a little tanktop pattern in mind. The pattern is from the Louisa Harding Design Collection (something to do with roses, I think) and I did order it at the same time as the yarn - but IT STILL HASN'T BLOOMING WELL ARRIVED. So, despite the fact that I've been knitting the socks for the other half for at least three weeks (and still only have one half of one sock) and despite the fact that I'm still creating my second Broadway top, I'm hankering after starting on this one and can't do anything about it. Which makes me wonder about my motives for all this knitting in the first place. It's definitely not so I can put the finished article to good use - that is just a bonus. It's partly because I enjoy the process of the knitting and the creation of something. But is my guilty secret the fact that, more than all of that, I just like buying the yarn? Taking ages to choose it, looking at the colours and imagining the textures? Wanting all of it but only being able to have a little (at a time) and knowing I can always go back, look some more and acquire some more? But it can't just be that, otherwise I'd have piles and piles of the stuff just sitting there doing nothing. And now I'm thinking of the Flash Your Stash piccies and realising that this must be just the beginning and I'm heading that same way. And no matter how much we all say we're in it for the knitting, how come this yarn is taking over our houses, when we can only knit so much, even if we did it in our sleep? And now I'm all confused and wondering why, really why, what our real reason for doing anything is, and whether we really want, or even ought to know or care and whether it makes any difference anyway?

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